Monday, January 23, 2017

Six Years Out and Still Growing

Life is Flying By Now Forrest.  January 14th was the sixth anniversary of your accident.  It always gives me pause.  That catastrophic day could have gone so many different ways. But there were angels there on the slopes with you.  They wrapped their protective arms around you and set you on your new path.  This path turned into a most challenging, and yet remarkable, odyssey filled with unimaginable obstacles.  You encountered periods of dizzying heights alternating with stretches of endlessly gaping and bottomless black holes.  But through it all, you not only persevered, you have grown...learning how to spread your long wings and soar above all of the hurdles. What a ride you have taken us all on.  I have learned so much along the way; patience (some),  the power of faith and hope, the joy of true friends, the daily miracles of recovery, the importance of laughter and resiliency, the real meaning of unconditional love. Thank you Forrest for having the courage and tenacity to face each day with humor and resolve.  Now with your big feet planted on solid ground you are able to offer a smile and a lend hand to those just beginning their own journey of recovery.

So perhaps this blog has served its purpose, chronicling many of the ups and downs of Forrest's journey.  In sharing our story with those who follow, our goal is to shine the light of hope on their path.  We have learned that no matter how bleak the situation might be, as long as you have hope, anything is truly possible.

So many wonderful things have happened since our last post.  Here are some of the highlights that Forrest wrote the captions for:

Great to see Mita at the Middleburg Parade!
She was my Nanny when I was a little mite!
And the visit from aunt Tricia was great as well!
She marched with Toliver and me in the CCI group

For my Birthday we went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
It was AWESOME!!!

It was freezing the day we picked up our tree but we had a Very Merry Christmas with Austin home from Duke.
Our Dogs "attacking" my brother Austin. Yay!!

Myself along with the Family and Grandma Norma
Stretching with Austin.  Toliver doing 'Downward Dog'

Feels like being a celebrity to perform at Bella's Bat mitzvah in Virginia Beach 
It makes me feel better to have Toliver around before surgery.  I got my IVC filter removed!

AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY for Christmas, feeling good and Happy!

We have been so very grateful for everyone's support through the Blog over these challenging years.  The Blog  has been a powerful way to share our journey and your feedback and encouragement have meant the world to us.  Now that life is stable and good,  we will try to update the Blog at least monthly in order to share our many blessings with you.  We have learned  how important a spirit of Daily Gratitude is and we have much to be Grateful for.

May God Bless each of you in this New Year with Love, Light Joy & Health,


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It is Great to be Home!!

Here are some of the highlights since I got home from Hopkins:


Hard at work at Dolphin Quest – sharing the article that CCI published about 
Toliver, my dolphin friend, Nahele, and me

One of my buddies, Tori, Toliver and myself went to my friend 
Whitney Weedens’ wedding. This was actually before my surgery, but I really like this picture!  We danced and had a good time.


APTB friend Emily visited after I came home from the hospital.  
She brought me a care package full of goodies!

First post-op Pool Tournament featuring Peyton, me, Emily and Liz

Painting the front door of the Dolphin Quest office with my 
bosses Jason and Kevin.  The color is FOREST GREEN!

Sarah planned a surprise visit with my fabulous friends!  
Pictured: Keith, Corina, Sarah, Madison and Nick.  
(Not pictured: Matt Mac)

Thanking and congratulating the extremely talented and hardworking 
Dr. Kumar for my new skull.
My new skull!

Mum and I dressed up and on our way to Emmanuel Church, where Pastor Ann explained how dog is God spelled backwards.   Then she invited Toliver to come right up to the altar during communion for his own special blessing.  My Mum had tears in her eyes over that blessing!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and prayers!

Your friend,