Monday, January 26, 2015

Great Friends Make All the Difference!

Nothing brightens up a cold winter day like time spent with great friends! 

Shayna & Gio chillin with us at Salamander Resort!

A real close game of pool 

Sunday Brunch at IHOP

Great friends learning Agility together at A Click Above in Leesburg

A rousing round of Gingerale Pong PT with Colson & Griffin wraps up a great week end!

A day spent with friends is always a day well spent!

With grateful hearts for all our cherished friends,

Team Forrest

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Four Years and Building

How do you do it Forrest? Tomorrow it will be four years since your accident. In an instant, for you and those who know and love you, the whole world changed. You and your journey have challenged each of us to look deep inside our own private spaces. To find what really matters the most, to let some things go and to hold others more dearly, to treasure each moment we are given, to count our blessings daily.

Through countless setbacks and challenges, through the painful lonely stretches, your unsinkable character and unfailing optimism were tested and stretched beyond imagination.  And still today four years shine on.

We have a new surgery date now, March 10th.  So we have eight weeks from today until the next surgery, to continue to support your efforts and encourage you to get stronger each day. But in many ways it is you who supports and encourages us; to be our best selves, to cherish each day, each family member, each friend, each small daily miracle that makes up a life well lived.  

Thank you Forrest for this gift. With a grateful heart for Kent, Austin, Tami, Toliver, and each friend, extended family member, doctor, nurse, therapist, care giver, sounding board, prayer warrior and believer for making the last four years not just possible, but truly extraordinary in every way. 

God Bless,

Click on the following link for a special message from Forrest - Happy New Year Video

Sunday, January 11, 2015


The common cold virus along with a fever and sore throat have derailed next week's carefully constructed surgical plan. We tried so hard to avoid this.   The good news is that Forrest is strong now and the risk of it progressing to pneumonia is much less than it would have been a year ago.  But in discussions today with his primary surgeon we agreed that it isn't safe for him to undergo anesthesia and a major surgery, so we will regroup and reschedule when Forrest is in the best shape possible. The likelihood is that it may be March before both surgical teams can be rescheduled.  Forrest was ready to get on with it so his first reaction to this decision was, "This Sucks!"  But we realize it's better to wait and go into this critical surgery with Forrest in the best shape possible. 

In the meantime Forrest is enjoying visits from friends home from school and his Pops home cooking. 

Wishing you all Love, Laughter, Health, and Happiness in the New Year!