Saturday, April 23, 2016

Charlotte Triumphs & Same Sky Soars!

What a thrill to be in Boston on Monday to cheer Charlotte on! 

You were there at the halfway mark and Charlotte had no trouble finding you in the crowd! 

And you were there to celebrate her triumphant finish!  Through the generosity of family and friends Charlotte raised almost $18,000 for the Boston Medical Center. Charlotte and her family have pledged to match that amount for A Place To Be in your honor!!! We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such generous and loving friends! 

Highlighting the importance of this generous donation, on Friday the APTB Same Sky performances at Loudoun Valley high school on Friday brought many of the students to tears.  After each performance students commented on the courage, bravery, and talent of the cast. They shared how they will look at life differently now. How inspiring and empowering each of the performers are. 

Thank you Charlotte, Shannon & Jim for sharing the spirit of the Boston Marathon with us and for helping APTB fulfil their mission.  And thank you APTB for spreading Light Joy and Hope over so many young lives!  

God Bless,

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Great Friends

Great friends help get you through really tough times and great friends also make the good times even better. 

After years of helping you regain your physical independence, Del celebrated your progress with a trip to the driving range & golf course on Thursday. 

You both came home with huge grins and fantastic stories.  Something about your first ball going into the rough and instead of leaving it, you insisted on playing both balls all the way down the fairway only to finish by making a 36 ft put!

Way back in November while you were spending a month at Hopkins, Shanon Davis invited you to the 2016 Boston Marathon to cheer for your great friend Charlotte Davis ... and we thought why not.... What a great thing to look forward to!  Charlotte ran last year in the Boston Marathon in your honor, raising over $13,000 for the Boston Medical Center and A Place To Be.  We needed to be there in person this year. So Friday Toliver and I flew with you to Boston. 

Today with Shannon, Jim, and Charlotte we toured historic Boston. We saw the sight of the Boston Masacre, Paul Revere's house, and you stood on the Boston Marathon finish line with Charlotte and Toliver. Toliver was styling in his blue and gold CCI vest! Quite a few folks asked us if he was wearing an official Boston Marathon Cape!

Monday Charlotte will run 26.2 miles again.  Running every step to raise money for the Boston Medical Center and A Place To Be. Forrest and Toliver will be there to cheer her over the finish line! 

There is still time to help Charlotte in her Quest. 

Blessed with generous loving friends,
Team Forrest