Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Boston Marathon Milestone!

Darlin' Forrest,

There are some milestones along your journey that simply take my breath away.  April 17, 2017 will always be remembered as one of those Magical Milestones. For the first time in over six years you set out on a road trip with a friend...no Mama Bear, no aide, no nurse hovering over you.  Of course it wasn't just any friend you set off with.  Ben has been at your side and involved off and on in your recovery for over three years.  He knows your strengths, your challenges, the potential pitfalls and the medications you cannot miss. He is the perfect Wing Man for such an adventure. With Tami's incredible organizational skills, you were deployed with everything you, Ben and Toliver might possibly need.  

So off you went on Sunday to Boston to cheer Charlotte on in her quest to complete the Boston Marathon for the third time, raising over $22,000 for the Boston Medical Center which the Davis family matched for A Place to Be in your honor!!!  You just had to be there for her...and you were!  Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for Charlotte's courage, perseverance and friendship and to the whole Davis Clan for their generosity and for welcoming you, Ben and Toliver into their tribe's loving embrace for the entire event. 

Thanks to Nick Weeden for his faithful friendship over the long course of your recovery and for opening his home to our road weary warriors upon arriving in Boston. Many thanks to Ben for making the whole adventure possible and for long hours behind the wheel, apparently brightened with loads of boisterous song and merriment!  Thank you to all who donated to Charlotte's amazing run. And as always our thanks to countless friends, extended families, doctors, nurses, therapists, prayer warriors and believers that have stood by your side through the good and bad days, always encouraging us and helping us hold on to the impossible vision that such an adventure just might be possible...some day!

And of course, thank you Forrest for your crazy optimism, contagious sense of humor, dauntless determination, and endless hard work making my wildest dreams for you come true.  I can hardly wait to see what comes next....

Love you, Champ!

Forrest and Ben depart BrightWood!
Forrest with Nick - longtime friend and
 weekend host
With the Davis clan (minus Shannon, who was behind the camera)
heading to cheer on Charlotte on Monday morning
Finish line hugs!

Charlotte, 44, Meg and Win

Forrest, Toliver and Ben with Charlotte's sisters Meg and Kara.