Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forrest and Toliver Pass Their Test! 4/28/14

Last Sunday Forrest and Toliver travelled to Anapolis Maryland, with their Team 44 Entourage, to take their full CCI Service Team test. Forrest was able to demonstrate to CCI super trainer, "LA", his ability to safely direct Toliver in public settings, without help from Mum or anyone else! This is a terrific Milestone for Forrest and his pal, Toliver! And a stirring testament  to CCI's amazing breeding program, Toliver's volunteer puppy raiser Colleen Roberts, and all of the professional trainers at Canine Companions for Independence. Check out their web site for opportunities to get involved in this life changing organization. www.cci.org 
CCI trainer, "LA", Toliver and Forrest soaking up the sunshine and their successful day. 

Former classmate Nikki stopped by to celebrate with Forrest & Toliver

Forrest enjoyed introducing Miss Maryland to his amazing Toliver at the CCI fundraiser, Sails & Tails, following their successful test.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet Nick!

We want to introduce everyone to our newest Team 44 member, Nick S.  Nick is very athletic, full of positive energy and is proving to be an equal chess opponent for the tough-to-beat Forrest.  He helps out in the evenings and provides overnight coverage with Forrest, but most importantly, Forrest and Nick have become fast friends.  Below is a photo and video link to a couple of things they did this week.

Thank you for joining us, Nick!  - Forrest and Team

The four boys at Hill School


Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Siblings Day 4/10/14

With a brother like Austin by your side every day is a celebration!  Go call your Sibling, give them a hug, or tell them you love them. Even if they drive you crazy sometimes, who's gonna love and understand you like a brother or sister? 

Team 44