Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pop Rocks Camp and Concert

This week Forrest has been participating in "Pop Rocks" camp through A Place to Be.  The campers are learning seven songs throughout the week and they get to play various instruments as well as sing and learn dance choreography.  There are also group discussions, art, yoga and other activities that are offered every day.  Along with a group of mentors and staff from APTB, the camp participants will be putting on a concert this Friday afternoon at the Hill School in Middleburg.  The concert is at 2:30 and costs $5 at the door.  Please come if you are able and spread the word! 

Forrest learning cup rhythm and choreography to one of the camp songs
44 and Michael practicing
Forrest helping to teach other campers the chords to "Wild Thing"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Amazing Week

You Danced! On stage at Hill School in the musical production, Best Friend. No wheel chair, No gait belt, No limp, No spotter. You strode onto stage with confidence and joy.  You danced with a new friend, a beautiful ballerina, Liz.  You both literally took my breath away.  Liz told me later that when she did the "dip" leaning backwards with her back arched, that she placed her weight entirely in your arms.  And you held her, balancing your self and your partner with panache and charm.  A feat none of us could have imagined not so long ago. 

With only nine rehearsals, forty A Place To Be campers and their mentors overcame their own individual challenges and came together as a cohesive, creative, and talented troop of performers. Through camaraderie, compassion, and hard work your group demonstrated that truly...Anything is Possible. The two week A Place To Be camp experience provided you with a transformative experience, allowing you to stretch your boundaries in a safe and empowering environment.  But it wasn't just you and the campers who were transformed.  Everyone in the audience was touched, transformed, through the courage and accomplishment of each performer.  

With a grateful heart,

The other big part of the week was that we reached and surpassed the Kickstarter goal for the documentary!!!  Here is a message from the film producer, Wendy Thompson and director, Susan Koch:  "We are quite grateful for all your support.  We could not have such great success without you.  Our final Kickstarter number is $75,536.  When we launched this campaign, Susan and I were filled with trepidation of reaching our $65,000 goal.  Today we are filled with amazement of what has been accomplished.  Because of your support, encouragement and dedication, we can all now proudly say WE DID IT!!!"

Thank you to all who came to see "Best Friend" and for those that helped support and promote the Kickstarter for "High Notes".

- Team 44

Forrest and his dance partner, Liz

Cast curtain call for "Best Friend"