Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update: 11:00am on 7/26

Hi Team,

Forrest has been working hard in therapy this week. He stood up in a walker for 5 minutes yesterday and has been tolerating 2-3 hours of sitting in his wheelchair each day, which is terrific. We're still working on beating the C. Diff infection that is incredibly persistent and is not only irritating his gut but also keeping him in his room on isolation protocol.

We had some great visits from Forrest's friends this weekend, including the Selfes (I forgot to take a picture, next time!) and the Weinstein-Bacal's! Sundance was able to make an appearance too. We hope some friends will be able to visit this weekend, it's a great boost to us as well as him! Please contact Nick Weeden or Gio DeSantis, their information is on the "Visitors" update on the right side of the blog.

All the best,
Austin and Team 44

Sarah and the Weinstein-Bacal's with Forrest

Sarah & Forrest

The Family (note Sundance's expression!)


  1. Great pictures! Glad Sundance got to come for a visit. :) Thinking about you guys every day...

    Lee & Lisa

  2. Always thinking about you and your family. Keep fighting and working hard, Forrest. We're all rooting for you and here to celebrate every step as you continue to make progress! Stay strong Team Forrest, and thanks for the continued updates!

    - Jonny C.

  3. Great blog! Keep up the good work, Forrest. I'm so glad you are having visitors, and that Sundance got to come see you again. I love the expression on Sundance's face! He wants you to come play with him!! Thanks for updating us and for the new pictures!

    Joyce and Wilbur

  4. The picture of the family is soooo good. A dog's face can just say it all sometimes. Good news on standing and being in a chair for longer times. Keep it up Champ and team. Prayers.

  5. Love all the pictures too, especially the family photo!

    Glad for the progress!! Keep fighting Forrest!!:)

    Kelly and Family

  6. Dearest Team 44, You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for your continued updates as we continue to check the blog daily. We are so proud of Forrest's hard work and know we will see the fruit of this labor very soon.
    Love to each of you.

    Donna, Owen and family.

  7. I see some meat on those legs! Those of us watching from afar can really see Forrest's progress. A picture really is worth a thousand words - and to see your whole family together is just pure love. Many weeks have gone by without a serious setback - I can't help but think that being closer to home and having all the visits from friends and family are all contributing to Forrest's progress.

    Abby Laughlin and Family