Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Throughout our journey we have been blessed with such incredible support and encouragement from our families, friends, community and colleagues. Last Sunday, our Dolphin Quest Bermuda community embraced Forrest's cause in the most amazing way. They partnered with the National Maritime Museum to host a fundraising event (featuring a dolphin show, bake sale, and raffle) to raise money for WindReach Bermuda in Forrest's honor. WindReach's mission is to enrich the quality of lives of people with special needs. Like NRH in Washington, DC, WindReach provides adaptive sports programs for children and adults in Bermuda so that they might have opportunities to participate in a variety of sports and activities. For more information, their web site is

More than 300 people turned out for the festivities and the Dolphin Quest Bermuda event raised $5,434 for WindReach! Forrest sat in his wheel chair at NRH on Sunday and via skype watched the entire show. We were all deeply touched by the generosity and kindness of our DQB Crew Members and the enthusiasm of the entire community for this important cause. At the end of the performance, Forrest rallied and gave the DQB Crew his trademark thumbs up.

We continue to be impressed with Forrest's daily efforts. And we know that he is impressed that in the last month you (his friends, supporters and fans) have raised over $10,000 for adaptive sports programs. And that's in addition to your generous donations to Shepherd and UVA TBI programs. Forrest continues to be a role model and a mentor to many of us, who previously had no comprehension of the impact that traumatic brain injury has on individuals, their families, friends and communities.

Although we sometimes struggle with our evolving role as Team Forrest, we continue to embrace it, and with your support we know beyond a shadow of any doubt, that Forrest will prevail.

With boundless love and gratitude,

Mum and Team Forrest

Kelsie, an 18 year old adaptive sports athlete, enjoys working with dolphin behaviorist Krysta and meeting Ely during the fundraiser!


  1. Hi Forrest and Team 44,

    What wonderful stories on these last 2 blogs! I love the picture of the Dolphin! It just amazes me how straight they can come up out of the water.

    Forrest, it sounds like you are making great strides in your physical therapy! I'm SO HAPPY to hear that!! Keep up the good work!

    Love & Prayers,

    Joyce & Wilbur

  2. Dolphin Quest Bermuda, it's so awesome you all did this! Dolphins are such energizing, inspiring animals, they're good therapy and good for the soul. I know it made the day of all the kids and adults who were able to interact with them from the docks, like the girl above. You all are amazing, thanks so much for making it happen and sharing it with all of us! We can't wait to bring Forrest to visit when he's better!


  3. Austin.... it was our pleasure. What an incredible day. And you should have seen all our reactions in the training department when we heard that Forrest gave us a thumbs up after the show! We were ecstatic; that made our day! Our thoughts are always with Team Forrest! Can't wait for all of you to visit Bermuda! Berrrmp Berrrmp!


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