Monday, February 6, 2012

Update: Monday, 2/6/12

Forrest has had a great week and weekend. He's been standing tall for a few minutes every day, as well as spending a few hours total on the tilt table and his chair each day. His endurance is building up and he's even gained a few pounds since coming home! We're getting him ready for a possible surgery date next week, another cranioplasty to put the "lid" back on. It will hopefully be his last and final surgery. Then we expect to keep making progress at "Brightwood Rehab" here at home.

One of the best moments of the week was last Friday. Mom came home from a business trip and walked down to the basement to say hi to Forrest. His eyes locked on to hers as she approached the bed. Standing by his bed, she asked for a hug. With much effort, and with her and I frozen in amazement, he slowly lifted up both arms for a hug. To top it off, I came around the other side to give Forrest a group hug with Mom. Mom was so excited she was kissing us both on the forehead, going back and forth, and Forrest grinned from ear to ear with that
characteristic, "Mom, come on, stop it" smile. It was a beautiful smile.

He's still in there and fighting every day. He's still laughing at youtube "fail" clips and "Anchorman" and the like. He's been getting stronger the month and half he's been home. There are many things we have, and Forrest has, to be thankful for. It was great seeing many of his friends over winter break, and I know it meant the world to him. You all should feel free to skype him when you have free time, it really cheers him up. It won't always work out schedule wise, but if you let us know the day before or even the day of, we will try to make it work. And if it doesn't line up one day, we'll try again the next day! Feel free to text me to find a break in his schedule.

Thanks for your belief in him. He's not giving up so neither will we.

Tom, Music Therapist, and Melissa, Speech Therapist, work together with Forrest to help him find his voice.

Jason Price helps Forrest make music with an app
that creates Forrest's favorite music, "Dubstep"

Forrest stands tall.


  1. Beautiful moments to brighten our days...thanks for sharing. Love the imagery of boys getting kissed by boys just need to understand how much Mum loves having you both near (it's a Mommy thing). Also love the Standing tall picture! Looks like Forrest is smiling to match his Dad's smile.

    Keeping you all in our prayers.

    Hugs, Viki, Rick Mandie & Ryan

  2. Thank you for the update, Austin. I love the picture of Kent and Forrest with a big smile. Hearing how Forrest lifted his arms to hug Rae upon her return is a heartwarming story so timely for Valentine's Day. We wil be sending lots of positive energy for a successful surgery next week.
    Diane and Jay

  3. It is so wonderful to hear this good news of progress and Forrest getting stronger. I seems home has been good in many ways. We look forward to having that next surgery hurdle conquered. May your week be filled with more positives. Love to all

  4. Hi Forrest and Team 44,

    Fantastic progress and fabulous photos!

    Forrest, it's clear to see that you are getting stronger and that's wonderful news! Could it be possible that you are also growing taller?? It sure looks that way! I'll bet the tilt table feels good and helps to relieve pressure on your back, give you a different perspective on things, improve circulation, etc.

    I loved the visual image I got of you hugging your Mom and her smothering you and Austin in kisses--nothing beats a Mother's--AND Father's--Love!!

    Hey, it sure looks like you and Tom Sweitzer are having all kinds of fun! You never know what Tom might pull out of his "bag of tricks"! What a great friend--enjoy those visits!

    Glad that you are improving so well, getting stronger and enjoying your time at home on the farm. You all are in our prayers every day for healing, peace, comfort and wellness.

    Thanks for the updates. Have a wonderful week!

    Love, Maggie, Christina & Antonio

  5. Forrest, you are the man! You just look great. No doubt that home is where you are thriving and improving day by day. Your smile makes me smile. Your hugs to your Mom wrap me in invincible faith. We will all be thinking of you next week and going forward, as you make yet another step forward in this incredible journey. Spring is right around the corner and you'll be home at Brighwood to see and feel all that wonderous magic that comes with the change of seasons. Big hugs from Abby and the Laughlin family.

  6. Hi Forrest,

    You are just looking great! That standing tall picture is terrific, and I love that our beautiful flag is part of that picture! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    I'm so glad things are going so well with you and your Team, and especially glad that you've all had this wonderful time at your farm. Keep up the good work, and I'll be praying for a GOOD outcome to your surgery next week.

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur

  7. Forrest, you are awesome. A good description. I would love to have a copy of the picture of you standing so tall, your Dad laughing; all three of you looking like you are having fun. Wow! you are tall. That is a great smile you gave us. Makes me happy. :) :) I LOVE YOU. GRANDMOM ALLEN

  8. Wow! All the progress is amazing and inspiring:):)!! Keep up the great work! I'm praying for the lid replacement surgery!

    Lots of love,
    Kelly and Family