Friday, July 13, 2012

Picture of the Day - 7/13/2012

The Plains Volunteer Fire Company crew members meet Forrest today during a fire safety inspection organized by retired Fire Cap'n Aunt Tricia! Many thanks to David, Fred and Tricia for helping to make Brightwood safer for Forrest!

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  1. 'SO happy to see Forrest looking brighter all the time! What a great looking team from the fire department. Hi Trish!

    We love our fire fighters, medical personnel, and all those who serve the public good so admirably. There have been so many of these angels in your lives this past year and a half.

    I think Forrest will love this video on YouTube. I know Victoria will!

    This was filmed in Iraq at a USO tour of a US Marine Base. Play it and spread it to every single person you know... cause you won't see it on the news.

    With love,
    Diane and Jay