Thursday, April 11, 2013

Working & Playing Hard 4/11/13

Hey Forrest it's your Mum. As Tami reminded us last month, your days are filled to the brim, mostly with the hard work of recovery. You still struggle daily to find your words and to shape them in meaningful ways. Your mind sometimes wanders in search of those words to long-ago memories. Just as you drill each day to strengthen your balance, your swallowing, and your speech, you continue to challenge and connect your memories again. It's hard frustrating work for you. But your resiliency and your humor always come shining through. Your positive outlook is one of your most powerful assets and it is our job to protect your optimism. Along with the continued support of your friends and community, one of the best ways to do this is to safely introduce as many new activities and experiences as we can. So this past week along with speech and memory exercises with Annie, your physical therapy extended to outside activities with Del, balloon toss with Uncle Brad, and your world expanded to include feeding Franny's lambs! Always your nurse is nearby to keep you safe and we incorporate strengthening, balancing and memory exercises along the way. It's just so good to see you out in the spring sunshine! Thank you Darlin' for always being game to try something new and to stretch a little further. With love gratitude and admiration, Mum


  1. Forrest - what a neat, informative new blog and pictures. You are a great, hard worker. You way outdo lots of us. ha-ha. You are blessed with such a neat Mom, Brother and Dad. See you soon. Love Grandmom

  2. Ahhhhhhh, how cute! It is wonderful to see you outside in shorts, it must feel so good to have longer stretches away from medical appointments. Have you started planting any seeds this season? It's so satisfying to watch new life spring forth from the soil. Do you listen to audio books? I think you would like The Life of Pi. I've heard the movie is good, too, with great special effects. Read or listen to the book first, though, to absorb the rich descriptions into your own imagination before videographers create the images on screen.

    You're always close to our hearts, Forest.

    Diane & Jay

  3. Wow, another blog so soon! Love the picture of you petting the goat, Forrest! They are so darn cute when they are little. I love the way they like to jump around, tossing their heads around all the time.

    Take care and keep workin' hard!

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur

  4. Forrest, thanks for spending time with me! You are a great guy. I thought I
    meet some tough guys when I was in the Marines, working on the river and
    such. But you put them all to shame. Keep up the hard work.
    Uncle Brad