Friday, October 11, 2013


Hello this is Forrest. How are all of you guys doing today?  I would really like to thank all of those who came to see The Same Sky Project.  It is great when I am on stage and to look out into the crowd and see friendly and familiar faces.  Thanks to all of you for coming and supporting me and the rest of the cast.  I would also like to thank Tom Sweitzer and Kim Tapper, the directors and leaders of A Place to Be for making this show happen.

There is one more show - tomorrow (October 12th) at noon at McLean Bible Church.  I hope you can come and see it.

Here are some pictures from yesterday's show at my old high school, Highland.
Coach Leake from Highland gave me this sweatshirt before the show!
It was good to see one of my nurses, Karen, at the show.
Getting ready to go on stage for the show.  Thanks Nurse Laura for keeping me safe back stage last night!
Nick Weeden's parents
came to see the show.
With Mr Sweitzer and James (a Highland student) and the poster Highland made to welcome me and the cast.
Me giving Miss Tapper a birthday hug after the performance.
Surrounded by almost all of my friends
that came to see last nights show! 


  1. Forrest, I was so awed by your performance and by all of your fellow cast members. This was such a special show! It was amazing to see the sense of accomplishment by everyone involved with the show. What a blessed group of people! It was so wonderful to see you rise out of your wheelchair and sing! And the smile on your face as you looked out over the audience (and especially at your mom) was enough to brighten my day and bring tears of joy to my eyes. I hope you continue to reach out to others to let them know about your journey and to give them hope. You are truly an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your talent and your story! (I still need to get that autograph you promised me!)
    Love and hugs,
    Karen Rafferty

  2. Congrats Forrest on your performance! You looks so great!! Amazing to see how far you've come! God bless you!

  3. I'm so glad seeing you continue to do so well, Forrest. I'm sure you've been an inspiration to many other victims of tragic accidents by letting them see how hard you have struggled to get back to where you now are in your progress. Keep up the good work!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur in Missouri