Friday, June 13, 2014

Dolphin Time 6/13/14

Dear Dolphin Quest,

There has always been something magical, joyous, uplifting about getting in the water and connecting with our dolphins. When we helped Forrest lower his long lanky frame down onto the interactive platform at Dolphin Quest Bermuda, it was as if we slipped back in time.  Reliving summers spent with dolphins, before our world was forever changed, to a carefree, playful, innocence.  

There were many months when we wondered if this moment would ever happen. But Forrest showed us anything is possible and  here we are laughing, playing reconnecting...soaking in the dolphin magic. 

Our lives have been blessed and revitalized by our time here.  Austin and Forrest have grown up in the Dolphin Quest Community and the DQ Crew embraced Forrest and our journey in countless ways, encouraging and supporting us with love and faith. To spend time at Dolphin Quest again, together as a family was a rallying goal and vision that carried us through hard times. 

And as though just being here wasn't incredible enough, Tom and Forrest celebrated by "playing the drums" on the dock making music together that the dolphins kept time with!  Life couldn't be sweeter. 

Blessed to be at Dolphin Quest,
Team Forrest 


  1. I can envision the smile on your face and in you heart!

  2. I can envision the smile on your face and in you heart!

  3. This message almost brought tears to my eyes, because I know how all of you have yearned to take Forrest back to be with the Dolphins. It has always just blown my mind that you have such access to the Dolphins! We don't run across many of them here in Missouri!! I am just SO THRILLED that this week has finally made your dream come true, Forrest & Team 44. Enjoy it to pieces, and have a good, safe trip home!! Oh, I wanted to ask how Tom liked the Dolphins? I would have loved to hear Tom and you playing the drums on the dock, Forrest!


    Joyce and Wilbur

    1. Team 44,
      It is wonderful to see you all enjoying time with the dolphins and the beautiful Bermuda beach. What a very well deserved respite!

      The Selfes

  4. What a special time!!! Just watched your documentary clip also! Forrest, you are an inspiration and so is your amazing family, music teacher and team. May God bless you all! With love,
    Kelly, Brad, Ava, Chas and Ella

  5. Sweeeeeet trip!!!! Loving the dolphin magic! xoxo

  6. We all waited for you to have this moment, too. The joy is ours as well that you are with your DQ family. You did it. Amazing.