Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Another Big Moment (and other updates)


Thursday, April 27th was yet another milestone in your journey.  The stomach tube that has been your constant companion for the length of your recovery was finally removed!  Dr. Falkenstein performed the much anticipated procedure and you have been excitedly telling friends and showing off your now tube-free abdomen.  The tube has been a bit of a security blanket for us, knowing that we could rely upon it to administer medications and supplement your nutrition or fluids when necessary, but you have worked really hard the past few months to eat well, stay hydrated and take all of your medications orally so that you could reach this momentous occasion.  

Last week you did some research to find a eco-friendly way to dispose of your expired medications from previous years.  You independently printed off details of two options and showed them to Mum.  Luckily, there was a collection day on Saturday in Loudoun county, and you handed over the meds to Lieutenant Prince at the PD in Middleburg! They bring the medications to the DEA where they are incinerated, avoiding making their way into our waterways.  

Today is an important day for A Place to Be, the organization that has done so much to help your recovery through therapy, music and friendships.  It is "Give Choose", which is a day for people to donate to local non-profits.  You have been busy over the last week to promote this and encourage people to donate.  It isn't too late to give today!  Here is the link for any blog followers that would like to contribute to this great cause!  http://www.givechoose.org/aplacetobeva

You have an exciting couple of weeks coming up and we look forward to sharing stories of your adventures here on the blog.

Proud and blessed to be part of Team 44,


  1. Awesome news, Forrest! Congrats on the new tube-free abdomen. Thanks for the update... love you all!

  2. More great milestones....and helping with good causes too. Well done Forrest! Love you. Aunt Lynn

  3. Wow!:congrats on this milestone Forrest!!♡ xoxo Sarah OT

  4. Forrest, another amazing step-You are a hero!

  5. All wonderful news. Congrats. Always so nice to see your smiling face around town.