Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update: 2:00pm on 11/15

Forrest had another surgical procedure on Saturday to balance the fluid moving between his brain and his abdomen through the shunt device. Further down in the wall of his chest, the shunt now has shunt assist devices that will help regulate the pressure so there will not be such dramatic drops in pressure as we had seen previously. These devices were implanted by Dr. Armonda on the weekend; the surgical procedures went well, Forrest was recovering from them, and there have been adjustments to the shunt through the course of the weekend and x-ray follow ups … so it has been a busy weekend, which is why Team 44 hasn’t posted.

Grandma Norma and Aunt Bev came and visited Forrest over the weekend and for the early part of this week. Forrest was very attentive and focused while Grandma Norma read and showed him the Hill School yearbook from 2007 with many of his friends as they looked 4 years ago. He enjoyed listening to Norma’s stories about Grandpa Doc and her visiting him at Hill School. As usual, he was also very attentive and interested in the stories, videos, pictures and messages from his friends.

We are hoping, with the shunt assist devices in place, that we will be able to bring the fluid in Forrest’s brain into a steady state that will allow him to sit in a chair-type position and therefore once he is stabilized there, he’ll be able to return to NRH and his rehab.

We were hoping for a Thanksgiving with Forrest attending out at the farm, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen; we’ll hope for Christmas now, and see if Forrest can make further progress in his rehab. I know Forrest is looking forward to some of his friends visiting when they are home from college; please contact Austin or Maylin on how that scheduling is going as we progress through those dates. We particularly appreciate Cousin Lisa and husband Lee transporting Grandma Norma and Bev around this weekend, helping out as they often do.

So, Mum continues being Super Mum and handling all things Forrest and Austin is busy still splitting his work between his internship at the National Zoo and Team Forrest. We are hoping he continues to survive bicycling in Washington, DC traffic. Dad, who was able to spend a lot of time with Forrest this weekend, has to go off to his equine meeting and give some talks; he will miss Forrest and Team 44, but we are moving forward and we continue to appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thanks again for all the communications from his friends, we continue to read them on a regular basis. Hope and prayers to everyone that is Team Forrest.

Dad and Team 44

Forrest sitting up today for the first time in 5 weeks.

Grandma Norma reading with Forrest.

Grandma sporting her Team 44 pink shirt.


  1. Hurrah that Aunt Bev and Grandma Norma got to visit. They were looking forward to seeing Forrest and the Team. Everyone is certainly having to learn about patience in this healing process, but what a blessing he is still in there fighting his way out. Proud of you Champ and all of the team.

  2. Team Forrest hats are popping up all over the 'Burg! A heartwarming sight to see all who pray for and love Forrest, awaiting his return to the town that loves him!


  3. We are so glad that Grandma Norma and Bev got to visit with you, Forrest! How wonderful, and what nice pictures were added to the Blog. We're happy to hear that things are still going well. We are continuing to Pray for all of you and for the very best outcome to all the work each of you have put into getting Forrest well again.


    Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  4. I am GRINNING! Forrest sitting in a chair. YAHOO! Boy, you all know how to make a person's day. Thank you for this uplifting post of family love, medical prowess, and progress for our beloved #44, Forrest.

    I have been working on my gratitude list. My poor family groans each year as I read through it. I am TRYING to shorten it, but honestly, I find it impossible and Forrest dominates every category.

    I give such thanks that Forrest continues to move forward through this Herculean test of human will and strength. I give thanks that you, Kent, Rae and Austin and your devoted extended family has shared such an extraordinary gift with all of us - to allow us to walk this journey with you via this miraculous blog.

    I give thanks to Forrest for strengthening my faith. I give thanks for the medical team surrounding him. I give thanks for the sense of hope that exudes from each of you and I pray it continues. You never give up, and we, by extension, won't either.

    I give thanks that while Forrest won't be home quite yet, the promise of his return is joyously near and I pray that you get the best Christmas present ever - having your family gathered.

    I give thanks for the opportunity to get to know your family better. I've long admired you from afar, but truly rejoice in having your family closer to ours.

    I give thanks that our community will raise it's voice in collective prayer this Thanksgiving asking God to continue the healing process in your precious son.


    With love and affection,

  5. Hi Forrest and Team 44, Your catch-ups brighten my day! I drove by Brightwood last week and imagined you back home. I am confident that it will be soon. Love, Katherine Weeden