Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update: Wednesday, 11/3/11

Forrest is still in ICU, he has been having a little trouble adjusting to the VP shunt, but he is doing better tonight. He even smiled and watched videos from friends this evening. We're hoping to move out of ICU and down to an intermediate unit tomorrow. We're including a picture below of Forrest and Maylin. We can't stress enough how thankful we are to have Maylin. She has a special way with Forrest, she cheers him up with her easy going personality and they really seem to click. She's really on par with the core team 44, watching his meds, helping turn him every two hours and making sure everything is just so. But more importantly, her good humor and awesome attitude really help lift Forrest's spirits. We and Forrest are so lucky to have her on the team.

Thanks all and have a great night,
Austin and Team 44

Maylin reading to Forrest


  1. Blessings come in so many ways. One of yours, Forrest, is Maylin, another is the strength of your parents, and another is the incredibly dedicated love of your brother....

    We pray daily for your total healing, which we know will come as another blessing.
    Hugs, Viki, Rick, Mandie, & Ryan

  2. A true team is a beautiful thing. You guys have totally embodied what that means. We admire all of you for this and are thankful for Maylin's addition to the efforts. Well done everyone and Forrest...still doing some smiles. Bless you. Our prayers for quick healing and no complications continue.

  3. Our hearts and prayers remain with
    Team 44, 24/7

  4. Having been able to meet Maylin last week and see her and Forrest interact was fantastic. She is a true angel, with compassion and savvy! So, Forrest, we sure wish you weren't having to go through all of this, but I know that you know you have a tremendous loving team cheering you on and ensuring the best for you as you get your strength back. Your parents are amazing, your brother is the best, Maylin is there for you...and all around the world, family and friends are praying and rooting for you! We're so glad you are out of ICU, and another step closer to Brightwood, Sundance and O'Riley!

    Carina and the gang, down the hill and to the left

  5. Maylin
    speaking as someone who works with young adults alot - you inspire me with your dedication and love for Forrest. This is making you the woman you are becoming. You are unselfish and his heart and soul knows you are there. Thankyou for all you do
    Mr. Sweitzer Tom

  6. Austin, thank you for this update. It was awesome to learn yesterday that Forrest is out of ICU and on a step-down unit. Another step forward and we are so grateful for this good news.

    Thank you also for reminding us of the importance of Maylin and her presence on Forrest's indomitable team. I spent only a short while in Maylin's presence when visiting week before last, but was struck by her loving manner and gentle, yet insistent advocacy on Forrest's behalf. I learned the term "velvet steamroller" some years ago. This describes Maylin perfectly! She has a soft exterior, but I can easily see her bulldozing any obstacle from Forrest's path. :)

    Maylin, Forrest didn't grow up with a sister, but he surely has found a devoted one in you. What a gift you are to this special family. For those of us that have loved them dearly for many years, please know how grateful we are for your presence in their lives.

    A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. ~Isadora James

    With love to all of you,
    Shannon et al. XO


  7. Forrest, we are glad to hear that you are out of ICU, and on your way back again. You and your team bring new meaning to the word 'amazing'! We send you thoughts, prayers and love always.

    Stay strong.

    xo Jim and Gail

  8. From the State of Arizona
    Rae, I assisted you in ultrasounding dolphins many years ago. Some of my fondest memories are of the special times at Marine land. Kent, I was always so incredibly awed at your gift with horses. Only this past weekend did I see the news about Forrest. I’ve now read every update and looked at every picture. I see the love in your family. You have an “iron circle” of loving strength around you. And, I can see how proud you must be of Austin. I’m a tiny link from Arizona. Forrest is a magnificent boy and I know in my heart he’ll recover to make it home. I’ll coordinate a prayer circle from the Grand Canyon state.
    Betty Phillips – Sedona, Arizona