Friday, March 23, 2012

Update: Friday, 3/23/12

Kent, Austin and I are taking shifts bedside with Forrest in ICU now. He is sleeping peacefully listening to Coldplay. Hopefully, the music mutes the constant beeping of monitors and the bustle of a busy ICU. He struggled most of yesterday with a slow recovery from anesthesia but the doctors were able to wean him off of the ventilator late last night. Nausea has made it hard for him to keep his medicine down most of today. His stomach seems to be settling now and we have started him on diluted juice and water through his feeding tube. If he keeps that down, we will begin his organic homemade "smoothies" again tonight. Thankfully, some of the awesome nurses that cared for Forrest last summer came to see him when he arrived in ICU and graciously vouched for his Team 44 Entourage. Leaving Forrest alone is simply not an option. Our 24 hour vigilance has been cleared by the hospital powers that be, and the nurses in recovery and ICU have been wonderful. His therapists from his previous hospital stays at WHC came by today and marvelled at his improved weight and condition since he's been home!

Austin accompanied Forrest to his first post-op Cat Scan at 5:00 AM this morning. The images are encouraging and the drainage is slowing down. This afternoon, Forrest was able to struggle up from the post surgical fog, and wiggle his toes when asked if he was in pain. His reward was a speedy dose of pain medicine and a chance to go back to sleep. His amazing brother and champion, Austin will keep vigil bedside again all night. Tomorrow the surgeon will change the compression bandages on Forrest's head and we'll have a first peek at his new profile. Tonight Forrest is resting, gathering his strength for the next chapter in his journey. Our family was blessed to have had such a wonderful reprieve at home. We are grateful that Forrest has made it safely through this difficult surgery and appreciate your continued support and belief in Forrest, more than you can possibly imagine. Your prayers and words of encouragement sustain us. We take turns reading your messages and visions of Forrest healed to him so that he knows he is not forgotten, that he is loved and cared for by so many faithful friends and followers.

With love and gratitude,

Mum & Team Forrest

Doing our nightly respiratory therapy

Mom reading wonderful blog comments to Forrest


  1. Hey Forrest
    Guess what? we have blue skies in Portland! I bet you have blue skies out there. I know you are resting up and tomorrow will be a better day. And of course the hospital staff would let Team 44 deliver around the clock care. that is a world class team. I have been on that team and it is an amazing feeling to be part of that cadre. So you are in good hands, Austin is by your bedside tonight, your Mom and Dad are close by. Tomorrow is a big day, getting those bandages off and checking out your profile. Rest easy. Tomorrow will be a little bit better. love Aunt Tricia

  2. When I awaken in the wee hours of the morning...I ask who needs extra prayers right now? You were once again put on my prayers have been lifted once again...and will continue to be lifted until the updates say Forrest is healed! While this is one of the longer prayer vigils for healing...well over a year isn't the longest I have been blessed to be a part of...where in the end God has given healing beyond any of our imaginings...or at least hopes and predictions of those of the medical community. So Forrest, rest well and heal. Know that Mum, Dad, and Austin are by your side constantly to assure that everything is being medically done that can be...and that the rest of us that can't be there with you are beseeching the greatest, most powerful healer on your behalf! You have many prayer warriors lifting you up all over this country...and probably beyond. Know that we are staying vigilant in New Mexico and Oklahoma as well...for your healing as well as peace, comfort, wisdom and strength for all the family, friends and medical staff surrounding you on this healing journey. Remember that in his hands...all things are possible. "He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." Deuteronomy 31:6 God bless you and all of Team 44! Tina Millikan and family

  3. This is such good and reassuring news, Rae! I'll be honest, we are on pins and needles....we know that these first few days are critical and are covering Forrest and all of you in prayer that this recovery period continues SMOOTHLY, please God.

    Tina put it beautifully above....I, too, awake in the night, and at least once an hour I think of Forrest and all of you during the day and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving that everything has gone as well as it has thus far, and brazenly beg for more.

    Sending you much love, high hopes for restful sleep when each of you is "off duty," and continued good news to embolden, strengthen and lift your spirits high.

    I had the privilege of whipping-in yesterday with Wendi Gunnell. All I could think about as we raced through the woods on a foggy, ethereal morning, was Forrest. His name is so prophetic. We plunged into the woods, trying to create a path where none existed and avoid ensnaring vines and immovable tree branches. As we twisted and turned, I thought of Forrest's journey through his own dense and beautiful wood this past year.

    Please dear God, let Forrest's journey spill out onto open pasture now. Sunny, rolling hills of success followed by plateaus of rest before he kicks on for more.

    Forrest, your Aunt Tricia is so right....each day will be a little bit better.

    We love all of you dearly.

    Shannon and Jim, Meg, Kara and Charlotte

  4. The first steps are sometimes hard, but the path is now clear for a fast trajectory to recovery. With the improvements this surgery will bring combined with the magic of Brightwood, the future is SO bright (pun intended) and promising! Bring on your strength, determination and will Forrest! You are being held up with countless prayers and endless love. Anne

  5. You're in the backstretch now, Forrest and some day, God willing, you will be back to where you started. We are praying for you . . .

    Doug and Joy

  6. My prayers are with you and your team, Forrest. Praying that everything goes smoothly today and every day of your recovery. God Be With You All!

    Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  7. Forrest-

    All your friends and fans are sending you good thoughts as you face this new challenge. Be strong. Your tenacity is an inspiration to us all here at Mercersburg. Get well soon.

    Coach McGuire

  8. I hope you are proud of the fact that Forrest improved at Brightwood,and especially that the hospital staff noticed!!

    What a nice change to hear that there have been no immediate setbacks following this surgery. I'm sure that it is a combination of Forrest's will and the strength of Team 44. We're hoping that the profile reading tomorrow will be positive.

    Please keep blogging-Stay strong-We love you all.

    Jim and Gail

  9. Good morning Forrest. You are one day closer to your continued recovery. You are surrounded by loving devoted family and caring and skilled professionals. Your collective fans are sending you cosmic strength and warm thoughts. Your determination gives us all strength. I wait (somewhat) patiently for more news of your recovery. Thinking of you always,

    Abby Laughlin

  10. Thumbs pressed! All the best!
    Kent: we'll have time to speak in NL!

    Yours, Gerit