Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update: Tuesday 3/30/12

It's been great to have this hiatus at home, but it is finally time to get this last surgery over with. The surgery schedule and the titanium prosthesis have coincided this time to make a surgery date happen. Everything is a go. We will be transporting back to Washington Hospital Center tomorrow with Forrest's well oiled team. Thursday morning Forrest's same Neurosurgeon will perform Forrest's 3rd cranioplasty. We've tried to do everything to stack the deck in our favor, and barring infection and complications, this should be Forrest's last surgery. The combination of the shunt and the "lid" will hopefully allow for more normal pressures, allowing Forrest to get back on his road to recovery and his life.

Thank you for being by his side, both in thought and prayer. Continue to post videos to his facebook page, we show them to him almost daily now and he laughs and grins and "escapes" for a moment. When Matt and Mike visited Friday, it made me so happy to see him light up and grin when they just mentioned playing "Halo" with him and how he used to beat their butts every time even if they were on a team against him. Every day he lets us know he is "there" inside. As we all know, Forrest is a fighter and a champion, and he has loyal friends and amazing community support. He will get through this, he still has youthful strength and most importantly, his humor. Thank you for supporting us as well as him.

Go Team Forrest!

Forrest listening to fun times

Sundance and Forrest's cheesy smile


  1. Forrest,
    We think about you everyday in so many ways. When Cailin and Eric say Grace, they always include, "please help Forrest get better soon." There are a lot of people pulling for you and I am sure millions of prayers been said asking for help in your recovery.

    It's been a very rough year for you . . . and your family. It seems as if everyday has been a marathon but you have never given up. And, I have high expectations that you will pull through. When you go into surgery on Thursday there will be hundreds if not thousands of people praying and pulling for you. And though the road ahead for your recovery is still long, I know you can do it. It's your time to shine. We love and miss you and hope to see you up on your feet soon.

    Uncle John, Aunt Gayle, Cailin, and Eric

  2. It's wednesday morning and my thoughts and prayers and hopes and dreams all reside with Forrest. I pray this journey is a joyful one with Forrest emerging stronger and more determined than ever. If ever there was a family or a young man who can persevere - this is it. Spring is right around the corner - I dream of Forrest's recovery back at Brightwood, surrounded by friends family and all who love him.

    Deep Regards,

    Abby Laughlin

  3. You continue to inspire, Forrest! The horses and dogs, Brightwood's flowers and trees, the Man Cave, the firepit, the aquarium, the music, the lacrosse sticks, and all those silly hats will be ready for your return...Looking forward to it!
    The Weedens

  4. For Forrest and his family of helpers (and helpers in the family)--Tom (in Spain) and I are carrying you with us especially during these next few days. You are,all of you, heroes for us, and we are guided by your amazing work. Much love from Ann and Tom Northrup

  5. Forrest,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as the next step toward recovery occurs. We pray for you to have an uneventful surgery with a speedy recovery. We pray for your family and loved ones there supporting you and that they will be able to rejoice in good news post surgery. We pray for the surgeons and the medical staff there to care for you and that they understand how important you are to so many people!! We pray that your good attitude and sense of determination and humor carry you through this next step forward!!
    All our love, Aunt Bev, Uncle Frank and your family in Arizona

  6. Oh Forrest...we are praying this next surgery will be a big step in the right direction! Keep fighting Champ!

    Lots of love,
    Kelly and family

  7. This is the next big moment we've been waiting for...in our prayers and minds especially tomorrow. You amaze us all...ALL of you. Well done. Love you much even though it is across the miles.

  8. You are all in my thoughts! pam Chauvin

  9. Precious friends,

    I am covering Forrest, all of you and the surgical team in prayer today. I pray that this surgery is truly Forrest's final foray into the OR. Please know that God is next to his gurney. May He guide the hands of Forrest's surgeon and all who attend him.

    I pray that the strengthened condition in which you returned Forrest to WHC will fortify him against all infection.

    I pray that all obstacles to a swift surgery and recovery are removed.

    I pray that your minds are at peace while Forrest is away from you physically.

    I pray that you are comforted by the image of him held in other hands.

    I pray that Forrest's pain is completely managed and that he feel little or no discomfort.

    I pray for a sense of strengthened and renewed hope in all of you.

    I pray that Forrest's brain rejoices in it's new, balanced environment and rewards his devoted family with immediate signs of healing.


    We have been witness to your great struggle for the past 14 months. You have awed us with your strength, your love for one another, but most of all, for your gratitude and perseverance. May you be richly rewarded for these gifts to all of us that know you.

    With much love,
    Shannon, Jim, Meg, Kara and Charlotte XO

    "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders...and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

  10. Thinking about all of you today and sending up prayers for a successful surgery. Love you all.

    Lee & Lisa

  11. Hoping it is all going well. And praying with every fiber of being that what lies ahead for all of you is not only manageable, but remarkable - that each of you not only know the care and comfort that is a part of surgical success, but the hope and promise that it can bring - for renewed healing and increased steps forward toward once again having Forrest not only "there" inside, but also "here" with you and us. Sending love, the Shermans

  12. Forrest, Rae, Kent, Austin, Sundance and all…..

    Big smiles, big hugs and bellyrubs from your friends and fans in the Dolphin Quest office here in sunny San Diego. Our prayers and thoughts and good vibrations are with you today especially, and every day, too.

    So good to see your smiling face in the most recent blog photo, Forrest. We know that you’ll come shining through, and that’s the image we hold in mind and heart. Soon you’ll be stylin’ in your new “Easter bonnet” with more peaceful and happier days ahead.

    Keep up the good work, Forrest. You and Team 44 inspire us your courage and tenacity and can-do spirit. The road may be long, but as we used to say back in the day….Keep on Truckin’! We’re with you….

    With love,
    Michelle, Bill, Kellie, Jay, Diane, Gaby, Debi, Robyn & Jeff

  13. Please know that we are covering Forrest and your family with prayers for a successful surgery today. The love of your family continues to inspire. We hope you know just how much your family is loved by people you haven't met. Forrest, you are such an amazing young man. God Bless You.