Friday, August 24, 2012

2nd Picture of the Day 8/24/12

Forrest Gives his intrepid Transport Team & Johns Hopkins a spirited thumbs up after completing his Cat Scan this afternoon. We are on our way back now winding through Baltimore rush hour traffic. More later. Mum


  1. WOW!! What an awesome couple of updates I just had the privilege of reading tonight.

    I'm BLOWN AWAY by the videos....I can clearly see Forrest purposefully moving his right leg. And all his hand gestures to you all....just incredible.

    I am completely stunned by the progress that Forrest has made in a few short months since I last saw him in late spring.

    Our entire family eagerly awaits the update after your visit at JH today. Prayers that the Friday traffic wasn't too horrible.

    Man....those videos simply make my day, heck MONTH!

    With gratitude to all of you for sharing this most awesome good news.

    Love and continued prayer,
    Shannon & Jim, Meg, Kara and Charlotte and Frankie Dog

  2. Thank you for the updates! Looking good Forrest!

    Christie Jones