Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Picture of the Day (part 2) - 8/15/2012

Enjoying fun time with Sundance and Jackie after a morning of hard work!


  1. Hey Forrest
    You looking good! Sundance and Jackie have got the Team Forrest Rap spirit going. I have gotten several comments here in Portland about the Team Forrest wrist band that I wear. I proudly tell them of your courage and humor as you continue to recover. I am so excited about all the progress I saw when I was out there for those two weeks. I know that you will continue to get stronger and learn more skills to enable you to walk, and talk and use your hands to eat and ride a horse and swim. All of these things you can do Forrest. So stay strong and you will do all those things and more
    Love Aunt Tricia

  2. Hi Team Forrest! I've been out of the loop for a while, and stuck in Dallas with James in the hospital for the past month, but you've never left my thoughts! And how gratifying to finally log back in and see all of the amazing and inspiring progress Forrest has made. His color looks so good and he looks like he's gained weight. Forrest, I hope and pray you keep feeling better and moving onward and upward! Your spirit is truly incredible and I can't wait to buy the book you'll need to write about this someday!
    Love from all the Mansmanns!

  3. Love this photo! So stylish in your hats, and Sundance looks stunning in his new collar!