Friday, November 30, 2012

Unfortunate Detour 11/30/12

Forrest developed a tiny opening in his scalp scar today with a little bit of drainage. We took him to WHC in DC this afternoon and the neurosurgeon & plastic surgeon examined him. Forrest laid a big smile on them and handed Dr Armonda a Team 44 bracelet. They were both amazed by how great Forrest looks and how much progress he has made. They did decide unfortunately that the best thing for Forrest is to admit him Sunday for a Cat Scan and exploratory surgery at 7:30 am monday. They plan to keep him in the hospital a few days until they get cultures back. We are lucky we caught it early. We are hoping and praying it is superficial, just involving the scalp and not his prosthetic. He is strong now. Together he and his amazing Team, which includes all of you, will beat this and he will be back on track soon. We will post more when we have more information.
Love. Rae
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  1. Please know we you are all in our thoughts and prayers. May this be healed quickly. With you across the miles...

  2. Rae

    Take your time posting. We are all thinking of and praying for Forrest and Team 44. It is awesome that WHC could see him so quickly, evaluate him, and make a plan. We are sure this is another small step, albeit to the side, in a long journey. You guys know better than anyone that, while the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, that is seldom the path available. Just remember how strong Forrest is today compared to this time last year. Remember how strong he is compared to when he had his lid installed.

    While the common cold foiled our ability to visit while Tori was home at Thanksgiving, we look forward to seeing him in a few weeks when everyone is home and healthy. Let Forrest know how much we look forward to his fist bump, thumb wrestling, and rum running.

    Stay strong and remember that it is an ill wind that blows no good. While none of us understands today what that good is, we are sure that it will be apparent soon.


    The Selfes

  3. hang in there, Team 44, and get home safe and sound soon!
    love from all the Elgins

  4. hang in there, Team 44, and get home safe and sound soon!
    love from all the Elgins

  5. hang in there, Team 44, and get home safe and sound soon!
    love from all the Elgins

  6. Well, Forrest, your over the river and through the woods outings were not supposed to be to the hospital! Thank goodness you were seen today, though, and that the docs can give you a tune up on Monday.

    When Jay told me this news on the phone this evening, we thought the surgery was scheduled for Tuesday. Monday is better so you can get home quicker and work on your comminications some more. We toasted your first blog posting at the dinner table this evening, did you hear the clinks? We're looking forward to hearing more from you after you get home from DC.

    Take care. We love you.

    Diane and Jay

  7. Forrest and his team have knocked the obstacles and challenges down one by one, over and over. This detour is frustrating, I am sure, but I am equally confident that Forrest's strength and determination will prevail once again.

  8. Dear Ones,

    I attended the Christmas program for A Place to Be at Hill last night. Forrest was the STAR of the show. How did he manage that?!

    Seriously, I and many others were stunned by the videos of all the incredible progress that Forrest has made these last months. It's truly extraordinary, divine, wonderful and just so darn hope filled. Made the night for so many of your friends and fans of your indomitable son.

    As I was hunting today, I thought about the three things I'm supposed to think about (as a beginner) when jumping logs and the unavoidable (!) fence - heels down, quiet hands and eyes up. I often wonder that the person in front of me doesn't feel a searing stare in the back of their helmet. :) But, my last whispered prompt, "eye's up" made me think about Forrest and the content of this post.

    Rae, Kent, Austin and most of all, four always keep your eyes up and looking toward the horizon. YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much you inspire me and I imagine, so many others.

    So, precious boy, my prayer is that this is a very small log - one that you wouldn't have even noticed a few years ago - along your recovery journey. With the help of your extraordinary Team Forrest and your superman docs and nurses, I am confident you'll simply step over it.

    I bet that your eyes are up and looking toward the future. I'm humbled, proud and overjoyed at the progress you've made after months of hard hard hard work. Your parents and your brother inspire me to be a better that eagerly seeks to serve others in all things. Their supreme devotion is something to witness, but I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I Forrest?

    Our family eagerly awaits the good news from your scan tomorrow and we pray that any corrective surgery is minimal, smooth and fast so that you can get back to Brightwood and all your friends.

    With love and constant prayer,
    Shannon, Jim, Meg, Kara (Brett!) and Charlotte (who still wants to get a load of Princeton lax gear to you before Christmas....something about wanting you to "lose" that UVA shirt?! XOXO)

  9. Forest, Austin, Rae and Kent,

    Hoping that this will be a minor setback. So glad that it was discovered so quickly. You are all in my thoughts and I am sending all my positive energy your way. Hope that team 44 is back home soon!

    Sally Hosta

  10. Forrest
    Thinking about you as you go into surgery tomorrow. You are in all our prayers!

    Hang in there team 44, you guys are the best,
    The Selfes

  11. Just wanted to know we lifted you all up in prayer and we hope it all goes well tomorrow!!

    We love you!!
    Kelly, Brad, Ava and Chase