Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update 11/18/12

Inspite of the complex medical challenges you face every day Forrest, you continue to amaze & inspire all of us. Two months ago when you were struggling to open your fingers you began the arduous task of communicating with the only tool available to you, a gaze activated communication computer. It gave you the tiniest crack in the seemingly insurmountable wall between you and your world. As you began to control the computer with your eyes the most amazing thing happens... You begin to stretch out your fingers of your right hand on the keyboard searching for letters and words. For weeks your double vision sends your fingers to the wrong keys. Then suddenly a connection is made somewhere in your healing neuromuscular pathways and when those pathways fire, you type out whole sentences. This week when Austin asks you how you are, you type "Brilliant!" adding, "No one or no thing can stop me." and you are right! Especially with a brother like Austin and your core group of friends by your side!
Below are a couple of highlights from the week: The difficult work of standing tall and battling your unpredictable cardiovascular system is made more manageable with Sarah's encouragement! Visits from faithful friends like Peter are so much fun for both of you now. And their presence motivates you to keep pushing your physical boundaries and to share your thoughts using your Communication devise. We remain eternally grateful for your brother's unshakable determination and your friends' love and belief in your future. With hope, faith & love, Mum


  1. Love to hear the progress as Forrest pushes through. What a wonderful Thanksgiving present. May you continue to achieve more every day! God Bless. With heartfelt prayers, Viki, Rick, Mandie & Ryan.

  2. Hey Forrest

    That is great news.! Wow, to be able to communicate with words is one of the most powerful skills to have. Love to hear your positive attitude and humor. You ARE brilliant and nothing can stop you now.
    Love Aunt Tricia

  3. Outstanding, amazing, joyous. Forrest, you give us so much to be thankful for. Your indefatigable spirit and wit sustain us all. You and your family are an invincible force - your march forward inspires us all. Fondly, The Laughlin Family.

  4. Hi Forrest,
    Your determination to regain your voice is so inspiring. I know you have poetry within that is eager to take flight.
    I would love to see you working with your gaze-activated communication computer. It sounds like an amazing device.
    In addition to practicing theses skills, I'm sure you have finely tuned your abilities to read the body language of those around you. We are all so thankful for the positive energy and optimism of all of Team 44.
    You are making fine progress, my boy, building a broad foundation of neuro pathways for returning to full functioning. We are proud of your hard work and perseverance!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. You will all be part of our Thansgiving celebration here in San Diego.
    With love,
    Diane and Jay

  5. This is wonderful news. I am so happy for you, Forrest, and for your family. It looks like the beginning of a significant recovery. Keep it up. The sky's the limit!