Friday, January 25, 2013

Dance Therapy At BrightWood rehab

You always brighten up Forrest when a good friend like Shayna comes to visit. And you are blessed with many good friends who were able to visit over the holidays. The truth is a lot of your therapy, building your strength, improving your balance, and cardiovascular endurance, is just plain hard work. But when a friend joins in, you are always ready to have some fun! And what could be more fun than combining music, dance, and a beautiful friend?!? While Tami helped you balance and provided extra support, you and Shayna had a great time practicing some swing moves! I'm still not quite sure who was leading! Thank you Shayna for the visit and bringing us all some sunshine! With gratitude to all of Forrest's amazing friends, Mum

Here is a link to Forrest and Shayna's dance:


  1. Hi Forrest. That is another great video! It's so neat getting to see you in action now, and we are so proud of everything you have accomplished in these past months. Things are really looking up for you and team 44. Thanks for all the pictures, videos and updated blogs!! You all do such good work!!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur in Missouri

  2. FORREST!!!!! Can not tell you how wonderful it is to see you in all these videos- but I'm not surprised, you truly are a ROCK STAR!!!!! I am so proud of you- and the hard work you do every day. Keep up the typing skills and amazing "pong" throwing. I WILL get back to VA to get that dance you owe me, now I know you are ready ;) Can't wait. BEST to TEAM 44- miss you guys!

    <3 Your adoring OT,
    Sarah :)

  3. Great video Forrest! Dance therapy from affordable rehab centers like BrightWood Rehab may help :)