Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pictures of the Day 1/11/13

Forrest, SIXTEEN years ago your godparents David and Karen brought Snickers, your and Austin's first pony, to the front door on Christmas morning! So I was touched last night when you typed in your journal that giving Snickers a bath today in the warm sunshine "sounded like a good idea". Of course, you commandeered the hose and I got soaked, but your young helper Jackie and your old friend Snickers clearly enjoyed your attention and the bath. It was a blessed day to be home in the warm January sunshine. Mum

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  1. Hey Forrest, I think the real reason you wanted to wash Snickers was to soak your Mom, not that there is anything wrong with that ! Looks like everyone had a good time. Glad you are out on a beautiful blue sky day, does the soul wonders. Next time try to get Kent and Austin out there so they can get a good soaking too! Love Aunt Tricia