Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting out & about. 3/28/13

It is spring break, Forrest, and there is no home bound school for you this week. You have worked so hard at your lessons in US government all year. When you began this course, you had not found your voice yet and your hands were frequently clinched into fists unable to use the keyboard. At that time your main communication was through a gaze activated computer. Now you are reading, talking and keyboarding with both hands! One of our visions for your future is for you to return to the classroom in the fall to finish your high school degree and then to go on to college. In order to safely travel you have to overcome the vertigo and carsickness that has plagued you for the last two years. You and your team have taken up this challenge with a vengeance! As you've grown in strength and the ability to communicate with us we have continued to add a series of exercises to your daily therapy to improve your balance and to help you overcome the vertigo. Now we are beginning to test your progress and increase your endurance. You began with short trips in the car and gradually we are increasing the time and distance you travel. Always you have two aides, including your excellent Medical Team nurse, at your side along with suction and other equipment to ensure your safety. Last weekend you were able to make it to a neighboring farm to see the horses and hounds come in from the hunt. It was a day blessed with sunshine, beautiful horses, familiar faces and time to celebrate your progress. It warmed our hearts to see your smile and your pleasure in being with trusted friends out in the Virginia countryside again. We all share your determination and are eagerly anticipating your growing freedom, mobility, and joy this summer! With love & gratitude , Mum


  1. So awesome to see you up and about at the Hunt Forrest! Miss you tons. I came across a short, fun video that's about starting a movement and immediately thought of you. You're a leader and the funniest guy I know. I can see you doing something like this again someday soon:

    Love you bro,

  2. Hi Forrest,

    You are looking great! It's so good to see you out in the country again doing things you love to do. It sounds like things are definitely looking up for you and your team. Hope you have a glorious spring and summer!

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur Ellis

  3. Hey Forrest !! You are constantly surprising all of us. You cannot believe all the people here in Bolivar area that call me sharing their excitement about your latest accomplishment. You are really super with your determination. Wait until they hear your latest! Wow - you did something yesterday I had thought several months ago you would never again be able to do. I can't wait to see you Mother's Day week. I love you all so so much. Keep charging. You are ahead of your Grandmom in many areas. :) Love, Grandmom