Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Writer

It’s Aunt Lynn writing today.  It has been three months since I was here with Forrest and all I can say is….well, wow!  What fun it has been to see him show me all of the progress he has made.  Yes, it is still very hard work for him but he has amazed me with walking up and down the stairs with only two spotters and so fast too!!  And he talks to me and tells me funny stuff and it is so great to hear his voice!  We are reading a funny book together with an ornery boy as one of the characters and, of course, he loves to laugh at that too.  The games I brought along are new to him and he is catching on to those quite well.  In fact, last night we sat by the roaring fire and played games and it just felt really nice.  Today I got to help as he practiced eating some applesauce.  Amazing!  It takes concentration to do all those swallows and he does just a few bites but of course, in Forrest style, he works hard at it.  He sometimes gets to do his swallowing exercises with a little of his favorite - Red Bull - mixed with thickener until it is applesauce consistency.  I told him I had never tried Red Bull and it was decided that we should try it together. He was pleased when I told him I liked it!  We took a picture to record the moment of course!  And we laughed.  It is so great to get to celebrate some milestones of progress with him.  His hard work and the wonderful efforts of all the caretakers is a joy to experience.  So what can happen in another three months??  When it is Forrest who knows…but it sure is worth celebrating!  You are The Champ Forrest!

Aunt Lynn's first taste of Red Bull!


  1. How wonderful you are eating Forrest! Looks like you guys are having a fun time together! Aunt Lynn..aka...my mom is a great, and entertaining visitor:) I'm sure you guys are having a fun week. Keep up the awesome work Forest! What an answered prayer you are!

  2. Dear Aunt Lynn....hope you tried that Red Bull in the morning! :)

    What a wonderful and loving aunty you are, as well as a devoted sister. Your family inspires ours, truly.

    I love reading all of Forrest's accomplishments through your eyes! I can only imagine how astounded you must have been after 12 weeks away!

    I am particularly thrilled to read that Forrest is able to try to eat and drink. I have been praying especially that this ability be returned to him. That and his strengthening voice. SUCH GOOD NEWS! It always lifts my spirits to read this blog and I thank you all for maintaining it.

    The human brain is extraordinary in it's ability to heal. What you all have helped Forrest accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. I give thanks to God for this healing and for all of you - the ministers of hope and determination. You have never given up on Forrest.

    I agree with Kelly....what an answered prayer Forrest is for all of us blessed to know him and your family.

    With gratitude and love,
    Shannon and Jim, et al. XO

  3. Forrest,

    You are the bravest person we know. Keep on keeping on!

    With love, Jim and Gail (Wofford)

  4. Forrest:

    We are all so proud of the hard work you put forth every day and the accomplishments you have made and continue to make. Through all of your set backs you still remain positive and determined. The Medical Team staff feels so blessed to be a part of your journey.

    We love you Forrest and pray for God's Blessings for you and your family each and everyday.
    Judy and the "44" nursing staff.

  5. Wow, another good blog! So happy, Lynn, that you and Forrest are having a good time together again. It sounds like the two of you really "click" when you are together. Good pictures, too! You two look like conspirators!

    Forrest, Love the new helmet! Someone sure knows how to shape them nicely! And it IS wonderful that you are able to eat again. Keep up the great work!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur in Missouri

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  7. Forrest - are you ever doing great. You and Aunt Lynn seem to be enjoying each other. I will have to get out there in a few months. (My first message disapeered the other night) How wonderful!! Glad you got those staples gone. Love you handsome - Grandmom

  8. Hey, Feam 44. Is Forrest on Twitter? How do I find him if he is?

    Thankxo Gail (Wofford)

  9. What a great update! You are just amazing, Forrest. We think about you everyday and are so happy that your hard work is really getting results! Caroline is ready to play cards anytime. Or how about some WII games?
    Love from
    The Elgins

    Hello to Sundance from Sajen!