Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dog Days of Summer 7/11/13

Your work continues Forrest, through the heat of the summer. And as your endurance increases and you get stronger, you're able to take joy in playful activities that have been absent from your life for so long.

Your extended school year includes Studying US history in preparation for returning to KettleRun High school in the fall. And you work so hard each day on your memory and brain games, with Tami encouraging and coaching you.

Between your lessons we look for opportunities to continue expanding your world with motivating and fun activities. Last weekend old and new friends gathered to pass the lacrosse ball around with you and to enjoy your Pops grilling! With visiting cousin Cailin, you shared in some wonderful horse time grooming Thunder Jam.

And finally you got back in the water at our neighbor Catherine's pool! We laughed when we realized your entourage for the first swim included Dr. Lee, two Physical therapists, your RN, medical student Megan, and two parental veterinarians! It was a magical afternoon filled with aquatic therapy of the best kind, laughter, sunshine, warm water, and good friends!

We give thanks every day for your growing strength and joyful spirit, loyal family and friends, amazing Medical Team which allows us to stretch your boundaries safely, physical therapists Del and Valerie who took you for your first swim, generous neighbors, and talented teachers.

Wishing all of your faithful followers a safe and healthy summer,



  1. Looks like some fun times! I could almost fill in some funny voice boxes in that first picture of you and Tami, Forrest. You are saying some thing hilarious and she has a great comeback too. Yes, I can just hear it now. Keep up the good work this summer guys. I miss that grilling too...SO glad you can enjoy it now. Perfect!!

  2. Grandma Norma AllenJuly 13, 2013 at 4:58 PM

    What a crowd of wonderful friends and Dad right there preparing the most luscious foods - I'm hundry just looking at it. . . Swimming looked so fun with those great helpers. Horse scene is always among my favorite! Super! I hear you are getting to ride each week. That's such a nice barn - I remember it at Mother's Day. :) Enjoy that trip you will all be taking soon.Let me hear from you. Love, Grandmom

  3. Hey Forrest,
    Looks like a good way to spend summer. Some BBQ, some horse time with Cailin, and of course pool time is the bestest part of summer. After all your hard work this Summer I know you will be good to go this Fall when you go back to Kettle Run! Love that smile.
    Keep up the great work and give your Team 44 members a hug for me.
    Love Aunt Tricia

  4. Hey Broski!
    I miss you! Loved the blog post and all the wonderful pictures. Summer time at Brightwood is pure gold, soak it in for me. Made me so happy skyping you this morning.. especially when I asked if you were making pasta (you were playing with playdoh) and you chuckled and said "no, dad's making dinner and it's really good"... so so true! Stay strong and keep making strides bud. Everyone in Hawaii and even your supporters here in Malaysia ask about you and are taken aback when I show photos and video clips. Keep being awesome.


  5. Hi Forrest - I am thrilled to see your pictures and hear everything you are doing! You are definitely a recreation therapist's dream patient! I am catching up on all your pictures and videos - will show everyone here at NRH too. I heard a rumor you might make it to the Super H this year - that would really make my day! You are amazing! Joan Joyce