Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer update from Forrest! 7/20/13

Hello everyone, this is Forrest Allen. Here is an update of what I have been doing recently.

This fall I will be attending Kettle Run High school to take a US history class. This past week I visited the High school to meet with the people who work there and see my classroom. It was great to meet the new people at the High school and I am looking forward to taking the class soon. The Principal Mr Warner is cool. My PT Cara, OT Brian and I took a map to figure out how to move around the school.

I have been swimming with Del my physical therapist with his help I am gaining strength to do 3 different strokes and snorkeling. Thank you to all of my friends who are letting me swim in their pool. I am happy to be back in the water and swimming again.

Recently I have been learning and practicing playing the ukulele for fun and to work on being able to play it well. Its great to practice it because I have gotten better at playing it the more I have tried to play it. It is fabulous to be able to play during my free time from school and sports. Here is a YouTube clip of me playing ukulele with my friend Ben.

I used to have trouble with my left hand and it was tough to have happen and a bummer not to be able to use my left hand. I worked hard to get my movement back. Now it feels good to have the use of my left hand back. I like to play with Gio and Ben

​Thank you all for your help and support in the past. It means a lot. Hope you’re all doing well.

Thanks from Forrest Allen


  1. Hey Forrest
    That was a great update. So cool you are learning to play the ukulele. Can't wait to see you play it in person. It is so amazing to see the photo of you walking down the hall of your high school. What a great feeling it must be for you to be walking down those halls and in a few months surrounded by your friends and classmates. So proud of all your hard work and determination. Miss ya.
    Love Aunt Tricia

  2. So great to hear from YOU Forrest. Very cool. Just want you to know that you can do so many things I never learned to do....ukulele sounds really fun. Maybe I'll get inspired to try too! Either way.....just hanging with you is very inspiring. Thanks for the updates. I'm really excited about your school stuff. Keep up the good work champ!

  3. You look soooo great Forrest! So excited for your opportunities ahead!! I know you'll be amazing!! God bless you!:)