Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beach Week Rocks!

Oh Forrest, we have surely learned that life brings us both incredible highs and unavoidable lows, but throughout we have been truly blessed. Last week was a High, one of the best weeks so far.  We reached one of our major goals of getting you back to the ocean you and your brother have loved since you were both small.  The only thing missing was Austin!

As is your style, we traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with an entourage. With the exception of hospitals in Georgia, this is the furthest you have ventured since your injury. The incredible Medical Team nurses, Michelle and Dawn, came along to ensure your safety, Tami was Chief of logistics, and our good friends the Selfes added all the adventure and spice imaginable!
It was an incredible magical time filled with beaches, waves, sunshine, good friends, camaraderie, and challenging PT with Sundance!  (check out the YouTube link and Photos and captions written by Forrest below)

This week we are back at Brightwood and dealing with another breakdown of the fragile tissue surrounding your scalp incision. Yesterday we traveled into DC to see your surgeon. He examined the area, treated it topically, and applied a bandage.  So once again you are sporting another version of your many turbans.  And we are facing another series of surgeries to replace the devitalized areas that have been traumatized by so many prior surgeries with healthy scalp. You impressed Dr. Ramineni with your progress and strength and joked with him about your noggin!  Together, Team 44 will clamor over this small bump in the road...already we are plotting new adventures to come!

With joy and gratitude for Forrest's magical beach week with the Selfes,

Mum & Pops
Me, Sundance and my mom and dad at the beach.
Having fun playing putt putt golf with my parents, Tami, and the Selfes 
With one of my nurses, Michelle.
Me reading Calvin and Hobbes at the beach with Tori.
Sitting with Tori on the deck of the Beach house.
The whole group of us (minus Tami and nurses) on the beach for a picture.
Playing corn hole with Tori, Tyler, and my Mom.  Mom and I won. 
Dr. Ramineni looking at a spot on my head.
Nurse Gayle and I playing with Silly putty while waiting at the Doctors office.

- Click on this link to see me playing with Sundance at the beach: 


  1. Looks like a fantastic trip -- glad you had a great time! Praying that scalp issue can be easily resolved so you can get back to your adventures...

    Love you!
    Lee, Lisa, & Brooks

  2. I'm envious!!! The beach is wonderful...sooo glad you got to visit and have a blast!! Your vacations are always so much fun...and the whole family got to share in the fun!!!
    You'll handle this bump like the others and come out the other side with new stories and improved better soon...not much summer vacation left before KRHS is ready for you....Caring thoughts, Sharon

  3. Beach bums for a it! And so sorry about the bump in the road with your infection. But you look cool even sporting a turban. And I'll bet those Drs. and nurses were impressed with your progress. Thinking of you each day!

  4. Good to see your improvement, even if there are some worth days!
    Best wishes from Germany! Hot, 28"C at 23:00!
    And lots of competitions!
    Yours, Gerit

  5. Hey Forrest
    Great throw into the ocean. That is so cool you are playing fetch with Sundance.
    Sorry to hear about the incision area, but the great Team 44 jumped on it
    Right away and got it looked at quickly. I hope to see you soon as I head in that direction in
    Mid to late August
    Take care and give your Mom and Dad a big hug from me
    Love Aunt Tricia

  6. Grandma Norma AllenAugust 2, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    Yea Forrest! I know it was a super trip and you and Sundance look like you're having the time of your life. Your turban and that smile of yours look great together. You probably are as well as you are because of that smile and that wonderful attitude of yours. Loved seeing you playing at the beach. Love you Grandma Norma

  7. Hi Forrest,
    I was one of your nurses in the ICU at UVa when you were first admitted to the hospital. It's been years now, and I've periodically checked this blog to see your progress. I cannot believe how far you've come, I am so proud of all the work you've put in and the achievement you have made.Good luck to you, I know you'll do great things, your life is surrounded by people who love you so much. Way to go Forrest!

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  9. Forrest, I did not know you were a golfer and cornhole player. We should play a round together sometime! I hope you had a great first day of school. It was great to see you again today and I look forward to seeing you around Kettle Run this year. Sincerely, Mr. Wright

  10. I know it was a extremely journey and you and Sundance look like you're having enough duration of your lifestyle. Your turban and that grin of yours look excellent together. You probably are as well as you are because of that grin and that amazing mind-set of yours. Liked seeing you enjoying at the seaside. Really like you Grandmother Norma
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