Monday, August 12, 2013

Kicking it into High Gear 8/12/13

Forrest, you have been working so hard getting strong and ready to start school next week.  We traveled last week to Richmond and spent three days of intensive work at Sheltering Arms outpatient clinic (pictures and a video link below!). Your therapists were excited to see you and were thrilled by your progress since your last visit. In some of the evaluations your scores revealed 400% improvement over your results from February!  The results this time give us specific areas to focus on to continue improving your balance, coordination, speech and memory.

We also saw your surgeon, Dr. Ramenini, in DC again and he is pleased with the way your wound is healing. We celebrated by walking across the street and into National Rehab Hospital where you had spent more than six months in rehab and left on a gurney. This time you walked into the ward and were met with cheers and warm embraces.  Your physical therapist, Erik, told you that you are proof that persistence pays off!

As well as things are going now, you still struggle almost every day with the emotional frustrations of your physical and cognitive challenges. Sometimes you just need your space.  We try to give you as much as we can and still keep you safe. We've found the best remedy is to count today's blessings, focus on the limitless possibilities in your future, and then get busy to make them your new reality. As you say, "tough it up"!  I don't know anybody tougher...

With love and gratitude to your many therapists, nurses, doctors, teachers, prayer warriors, and above all else, your brother & friends who have stood by you and helped you Keep the Faith.

- Mum

The video and photo captions below were written by Forrest. 

Me with Mr. Woodruff. We played lacrosse together this last weekend.
I went peach picking with Shayna Rice a few days ago
Me with my speech therapist Preston at Sheltering Arms
It was great to visit with physical therapist Erik from NRH last week
Guy time with Sundance, Matt, Nick, Gio and Ben

Here is a link to me running at sheltering arms lastweek

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