Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School 8/19/13

It's been an incredible summer, Forrest. One filled with good friends, long sunny days, and many hard won battles. This weekend you celebrated In great style at Jim and Shannon's sendoff back to school pool party for you and your friends. It's hard for you and your family to say goodbye to your awesome friends as they head back to colleges across the country. It's been fantastic having many of them here this summer. Creating fun games in the gym or outside, while getting the hard work of physical therapy done, sharing their laughter and optimism with all of us, and celebrating each of your milestones.
We're counting on FaceTime, phone calls, and messages until they are home from school again.

And today you also started back to school at Kettle Run High School, to complete the two remaining credits you need to graduate from high school . After two years and seven months of grueling work, you are strong enough, you are ready. Your enthusiasm was palpable this morning. What others might take for granted; the opportunity to attend school, to grow, to learn, to make new friends, is an extraordinary victory for you...opening new doors and a whole world of possibilities.

It will be hard, Forrest. You still struggle daily with your short-term memory, tire easily, and get understandably frustrated when the simplest things seem so impossibly difficult. But you always find your sense of humor, crack a joke, and manage to have us all laughing before we even realize what has happened.

We are eternally grateful for your unsinkable spirit and for the family, friends, teachers, mentors, nurses, aides, therapists, doctors, prayer warriors, and pets, who have all helped make this miraculous day possible. Now the real work begins… Homework!

With Love, Faith & Joy,


There's nothing better than chill'n in the pool with great friends!

Celebrating my last night of summer with Liza, Shayna, and Giovanni!


  1. Looking good Forrest as you head back to school. I am SOOOO excited for you (and your teachers; they will love having you). American History....sounds cool to learn and yes, it will be hard work. But there is no stopping you. Thanks for the special birthday song too. That is a neat memory for me!

  2. What a great summer! Happy start to school! Lookin so good Forrest!!

  3. So how was the first day? I'm sure you will work hard as always and impress your teacher with your determination....Best of times always, Sharon

  4. hey Forrest,
    You are back to school! how great. I bet Friday is looking pretty good right about now!
    hope you have a nice weekend and can get some pool time, or horse time

    hope to see you in a few weeks
    love Aunt Tricia

  5. Hi Forrest, Rae, Kent, and Austin,

    It has been a while since I have posted a comment but I have been faithfully following the blog and we love hearing about all your activities.

    I'm especially happy to hear that you are back in the pool and riding horses, again, Forrest. Both activities are so good for your body, your brain, and your soul. I hope you will be able to keep doing these things even after the business of your school work puts new demands on you. I think you're going to have a great term in every regard!

    Maybe you can do some research on Abraham Lincoln, in your American History class. His life story is incredibly inspirational since he kept going forward, regardless of defeats and challenges that he faced along the way.

    We look forward the updates from all of you!

    Diane & Jay

  6. I'm especially satisfied to listen to that you are returning in the share and driving horse, again, Forrest. Both actions are so good for your whole body, the mind, and your spirit. I wish you will be able to keep doing these factors even after the company of your homework places new requirements on you. I think you're going to have an excellent phrase in every regard!
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