Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Forrest Rides Outside 8/14/13

Forrest had his fourth lesson at Sprout today, working on endurance, strength, balance, coordination & memory, with his favorite equine therapist, "David". After all that work, he and "David" celebrated their progress with some time out in the fresh air! And Forrest made a new friend, Ben, pictured here riding with Forrest. Forrest said tonight, "it was lots of fun and encouraging to be outside on horseback again. "

Forrest will be riding in a demonstration at Sprout's open house this Friday evening! This is an incredible therapeutic riding center with great horses, riding instructors, physical therapists and amazing volunteers. Check it out at

With gratitude for all of the talented and caring folks at Sprout,

Team 44


  1. A picture perfect scene of a beautiful sky, smiling faces, and a phenomenal team..your improvements are a testament to hard work by you with a caring, loving, supportive team with all the smiles that keep the whole team moving forward...Sharon

  2. What a fun time! So happy for you Forrest!

  3. Hi Forrest

    I am writing to you from a rest stop on Interstate 29 heading south thru Iowa.
    Wow, it is so great to see you on a horse again. Isn't it a wonderful rhythmic feeling?

    I should be at BrightWood by next Wednesday. Can't wait to see your great smile and warm hug!
    Maybe your Mom or Tami can share my blog with you and you can follow my journey across the country from Oregon to North Carolina. I have some good stories and photos too.

    See you soon,
    Love Aunt Tricia