Thursday, August 29, 2013

Surgery Update

Forrest is in post-op and is doing well.  Thanks for all of the prayers, love and encouraging messages!  We will update more later. 

~ Forrest, Rae, Kent and Team


  1. Forrest, you're such an inspiration. You're simply amazing. Hurry back to history ! We miss you. (:

  2. Forrest

    Awesome news! Hope to get together soon for more fun times.

    The Selfes

  3. look great post-op. What a strong guy you are. So glad to hear it went well for you.

  4. Hi Forrest

    You are looking strong. Soon you will be past this issue and onto better times.
    Keep visualizing those images that make you feel good. before you know it you will
    be feeling strong and able to do those fun things again.
    stay strong of heart and mind,
    Love Aunt Tricia