Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good friends are the best medicine! 3/31/14

Our snowy cold blustery Sunday was brightened  by a visit from the Lees!  A warm fire, hot tea, and a lively game  of cards ensued. As the wind and wintry mix swirled outside, laughter, fun memories, and maybe some card trickery   created a magical ambiance inside. We are blessed today to be warm and safe at home with friends.  Surely Spring is right around the corner.  

Team 44


  1. That looks like a happy bunch. I'm glad you had friends come over to visit and have fun. We have a beautiful day here in Missouri. It's in the 70's with full sunshine! We even went to a kid's baseball game for awhile after Church and lunch with some of Wilbur's family. Our little great niece was playing. They were lots of fun to watch, plus we all had a very nice visit during our lunch at a restaurant in Bolivar before her game.

    It looks like you had lots of munchies to go along with your card game. That always helps a lot! Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Love, Joyce and Wilbur in Mo.

  2. Looks like fun to me!!! So what card tricks are you up to???
    I am SOOOOO ready for spring....the trees better turn green soon or I'll going to scream!!!
    On Sunday I was still warming up from an outdoor track meet all day Saturday..I was drowned and frozen when I got home...The warm tea, fire, and munchies was a great plan for your the day...