Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wonderful teachers! 3/26/14

These two are helping me get closer to graduation as i have ever been. They are lots of help with all of my  assignments given to me as homework. It will be very gratifying to graduate high school in June and be finished.

Thanks to home bound teacher Ms Miller & speech pathologist Ms Gauthier who are helping me complete 12th grade English Thanks a whole bunch you guys for being so helpful! -Forrest Stone Allen.


  1. They look like wonderful teachers.....and I'm sure you are a great student. Plus you keep them smiling I'm sure. 12th grade English sounds like a lot of work. I know you will give it your all though. Looking forward to graduation! Keep it up Forrest.

  2. Hi Forrest, Glad you are working on that English...Doesn't sound too exciting to me but neither did Government and you got through work so hard on your assignments!!! The teachers are grateful for your hard work and will be done in June!!! Start planning graduation parties!!!

  3. You're looking great Forrest! Keep up the hard work! Great to see Diane and Mary working with you!

  4. Hi Forrest, I seem to be a little behind again, but wanted to give you a holler! I'm so glad things are moving along with your schooling. How is Toliver doing in class?? HaHa! Keep up the good work.

    Love and Prayers, Joyce and Wilbur in Missouri