Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lots going on!

Hey Forrest, it's hard to keep up with you these days.   There's so much great stuff happening!

A busy day at the Brightwood "Beach" before Austin & and Martin headed back to Duke. We sure miss them both! ( Sorry Shayna I cut you in half!)

A rousing evening of croquet and good cheer with the Weedens...

...including a very close round in the dark with lifelong pal Nick!  Though Nick kept a close eye on your balance, Just watching you move independently around the course in the dark took my breath away! 

Remembering more than a year when we could barely open your mouth, it was a sort of celebration when Dr. Gallegos fitted you with your new Invisalign  retainer! Your observation, " It's kind of cool since it's not a big scary life altering procedure! " 

Shaka for sure! Hanging loose with Tami on the way to your first on campus college class at NOVA!  You were "cool as a cucumber".... While Tami and I were both a nervous wreck, wanting so badly for it to go well for you.  

No need to worry with Toliver tucked half way under your chair.... You Got This!!!

Every afternoon at 4:44 we try to take a moment, breathe deeply, and give thanks for our many blessings. There are so many; your continued recovery, great friends, our loving family, Toliver,  your amazingly supportive community of doctors nurses therapists and prayer warriors, and a chance to pay it forward by supporting wonderful organizations like CCI and A Place To Be! 

With a heart full of love and joy,

PS: We are so focused on the magic of now and the bright possibilities for the future that someone had to reminde me it was a year ago today that you spent 14 hours in the OR. What a difference a year makes...God bless Dr Kumar and the wonderful nurses at Johns Hopkins that got us all through that day! 


  1. Awesome news Forrest!
    Love that you are in college . So proud of you! Thanks again for the fun times in the pool last week. And for the inspiration to go for my handstand. I am going for it again today on the big grass lot next to my house - as soon as the thunder and lightning storm pass over. :)

  2. College....very cool on campus college guy!! It will be work but I know you will give it your all. Can't wait to see what you do NEXT! Thanks for the birthday call. Made my day!!! Love ya.

  3. Love the report and all the pictures. So proud of you Forrest! ❤️ Praying for continued forward movement!

    Love, Donna and Lilli (and the rest of the Barkley/Looney clan)

  4. 4:44 - I will join you in giving thanks--what a journey.

    All love,


  5. Forrest - you are an amazing man! I am in awe. You always inspire me to do my best... 💖 you!