Monday, August 31, 2015

Great Check up today!!!

You are on your way again Champ! With Tami and Pops help we got off early this morning for Johns Hopkins and your seven week postop CT scan and follow up exam with Dr. Kumar.  

The CT technicians follow your blog and know you and Toliver by name! Scott was happy to see you looking so strong  and happy! Peeking over his shoulder as the CT loaded onto the computer I had a wonderfully optimistic feeling. 

After examining your scalp, reviewing your blood tests, and comparing your CT scans from before your July surgery to today's images, Dr. Kumar proclaimed to us that he was "SUPER happy!!" The bone grafts are healing and your CSF and brain have both enlarged dramatically. He commiserated with you saying "Forrest, you've been through a lot". Your respectful reply, " Yes sir, I've been to hell and back." "Well then," Dr K. said, "you should have a break from surgeries, enjoy being 22 and just living!"  

Sounds great, right?!?   He did explain that there is still a gap on the right side of your skull that will require more surgery.  Dr K. is planning to use bone grafts from two of your ribs to close the remaining gap, but wants to wait a full year to give you plenty of time to heal, make sure all of the infection is gone and that you have a chance to "enjoy living"! 

So after a double serving of Dullce de Leche gelato off we went to the Renaissance Harbor Hotel. Perhaps we'll have celebratory steak at the Capital Grille tonight.  Then early tomorrow morning back to Johns Hopkins Interventional Radiology to have your Hickman central IV line removed! YAYY!!!

And tomorrow  after yoga you have your first rehearsal for the Same Sky 2015 production!  Could there be a better way to start the next chapter of your journey than spending time with the cast & crew of Same Sky?!?!   Can hardly wait to see the public performance October 3 at the Hill School!!! 

Breathe deep and enjoy! 
Love and Peace,


  1. What a wonderful Blog to see this morning! I am thrilled to death to see the results of your tests, Forrest ! You have traveled such a long rode for the past 4 1/2 years, and it's a blessing to look back and see just how far you have come.

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce Ellis

  2. How exciting to get to share this good news with you! Prayers answered for sure. Keep it up.....and we KNOW you will do that. Too many exciting things ahead for you to slow down now. But great news on the healing stuff!!

  3. What a blessing! So happy to hear the news!!!