Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Much Love

Darlin' Forrest, we have been blessed with so much happiness, exciting new activities, healing progress, and boundless love that it's been hard to find time to update the blog! So in an effort to just catch up I'll post a couple of the many highlights over the past few weeks: 

Middleburg Labradorables Rocked the CCI Dog Fest on Sept 12th! Tami and your lifelong pal Madison drove in to Washington DC with you and Toliver the night before Dog Fest. Your excursion included a visit to the Natural History Museum and you all enjoyed dinner with Sarah, Megan and Peyton! 

Your team rallied and completed the walk despite the drizzly weather! 

Caroline and you, along with Toliver and Shelly of course, are recognized as co-captains of the second highest $$$ team of the event! Collectively you raised over $10,000 for CCI, twice your goal, thanks to the 
generosity of friends and supporters!!!

You did a fine job addressing the crowd and explaining the many wonderful things that Toliver does for you. Toliver even demonstrated how he can "WOOF" for help when you ask him to!

You have added healing Yoga to supplement your already rigorous schedule of PT and Pilates! Under Vinaya's guidance, and with Ben matching your asanas and spotting you, you are enthusiastically learning to breathe deeply, stretch in new ways, and practice meditative stillness!

    Ben and you: Two new Yoga Warriors! 

Sharing the Love:  We've been so blessed by countless earthly angels who have shone the light of their faith onto our darkest days, lightened our load, cheered each milestone, and helped us stay strong no matter what lay ahead.  Today you were able to shine your own light on another family still early in their son's journey of TBI recovery. 

I remember so clearly the day that Beth Gayle and her son, Gip, strode confidently into your hospital room at Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta. You had suffered another terrible setback and Shepherd told us they could no longer help you. We were adrift, lost, our faith and hope faltering. Gip had recovered from a catastrophic TBI himself and on that day he stood so tall and strong and I swear he wore your smile. Their visit and stories of Gip's miraculous recovery filled us again with hope and encouragement that anything was still possible. And it was. 

Today you put your arm around Joshua's mother Gini, flashed that confident crooked smile and thumbs up of yours, and charmed her with stories of your friends and activities. My prayer is that we are able to pay Beth and Gip's Blessing forward and in some small way brighten Gini and Joshua's journey. We are already looking forward to a visit for you and Toliver to meet Joshua so you can continue to share the love and your message: Anything IS possible! 

God Bless all our Angels,

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  1. So many wonderful stories Forrest! You are a light that shines through and inspires so many others! Sounds like you are taking your blessings and sharing them forward.

    Yoga is a wonderful way to integrate mind, body and soul. I have been practicing now for over two years and it has certainly helped me gain mindfulness and peace and I am stronger now than I was when I was in the fire department. So keep up the great work and enjoy the many moments that come your way.

    With much love and admiration for you and Team 44.
    Aunt Tricia