Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hanging in There

Many heartfelt thanks to all our prayer warriors, beautiful messages, funny video messages, encouraging texts and positive healing energy. Your love and support must be working. Overall Forrest had a good first day after surgery.  We have certainly had a whole lot worse! The pain isn't too bad compared to earlier surgeries. Forrest is declining oxycodone in preference of Tylenol.  He still isn't allowed out of bed so that's a little frustrating for him and worrisome for Toliver.  The new valve hasn't yet started working it's magic.  But the tension around the plates and bone graft is no worse and the fragile looking skin is still intact. So we're kind of in a holding pattern until we see the neurosurgeons again tomorrow morning. Perhaps an adjustment in the valve tomorrow will move things along.  

The highlight of the day was visiting with Austin then Gio and Shayna on Skype and Face Time with A Place To Be friends including Daniel and Ben. 

Forrest brightens up most any day with his characteristic wit. This evening a nervous bevy of nursing students, all about Forrest's age, came bustling into the room just as Forrest began his dinner.  He looked up from his dinner at the group, smiled his crooked smile exclaiming, "If I'd known you were all coming, I would've ordered more food!" And I am sure he would have! 

Until tomorrow, sweet dreams Champ.     


  1. Too his wit and attitude. Well done all! Many prayers from family and church friends back here in Colorado!

  2. Forrest and team 44- one of a kind!

    Keep going champ, rest up and and soon you will be on your feet again all 6'3'' up tall, strong, funny and handsome. Surrounded by Team 44 all the way from Mom, Dad, Austin, Tami and down to the ever devoted Toliver, Sundance, and the amazing rehab team that is always there, by your side with encouraging words and laughs.

    I have seen you grow through this unimaginable ordeal that has lasted now almost five years. You are stronger, determined, incredibly kind and thoughtful, talented and so funny. Your story inspires your family, your friends, your community, your medical team, - you made this story what it is today, you have dug deep and moved the ball down the field, your team at your side, but you are making this happen Forrest. So proud of you - you are amazing!

  3. It's nice to see another one of your great smiles, Forrest. You and Tolliver hang in there until the doctors get this minor bump worked out. Tricia said it best--you are the hero of this story! You are inspiring beyond belief!


    Gail W