Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our family together again!

With Austin and Martin (now 6months old!) home from Duke for fall break we crammed as much living as we could into this fabulous family week together!  

The Fall Races At Glenwood Park is such a terrific venue to spend time with family and catch up with lots of friends. 

Corina and Forrest. Just like the good old days.... But wait THESE are the good old days! 

Sunday we visited a friend recovering from a TBI at Walter Reed Hospital. These visits meant so much to us when our family spent long months in the hospital with Forrest and it was good to be able to pay this gift forward. 

Monday, Austin with Martin and Forrest with Toliver spoke about canine communication to Mr. Lyman's incredibly bright and engaging fourth grade class at Hill School.  I was such a proud Mama Bear listening to Austin and Forrest share their perspective on the impact Canine Companions for Independence has had on their lives as well as their love for, and communication with their CCI dogs. 

The first time we visited Hill School after your accident you were unable to talk, Forrest. But the teachers and staff took turns sitting by your side and recounting their memories of your years at Hill with you. That day they shared their unshakable faith in you as well. So this time, listening as you chatted up a storm with Hill teachers and staff after your presentation was especially poignant, as the Hill community has played such a huge role in your recovery.

Wednesday, Forrest loaned his horse Riley to Austin so we could share a day of hunting over the glorious Virginia countryside once again.  

Thursday, Forrest, Austin and I joined our QGM crew for our annual International Coastal Cleanup Project. Our group picked up 50# of trash, including 107 plastic bottles, from  the banks of the Potomac River. Last year Forrest,  you had to stay on the main trail.  This year, with Austin and JP's help, you scrambled down the banks and made your way along the rocky shoreline!

Friday, Austin & I got to join the audience at Harper Park middle school for the Same Sky Project performance. It was stunning to watch how much you and the rest of the cast have progressed! The students were blown away! 

Saturday, Gio brought his and Shayna's new adorable CCI puppy, Yaeger, to meet his CCI cousins, Toliver and Martin! It was puppy Mayham playtime followed by a breather for photos. 

After a terrific hunt breakfast at the Davises (where somehow we failed to take a single picture), Saturday night you and Austin are "dressed to the nines" for the Windy Hill 70s themed gala at Salamander resort.  Of course you ended up dancing on stage with the Rock On Band. It must have been great PT because you topped 10,000 steps on your fit bit Saturday!!!

Sunday, This afternoon we had to say goodbye to Austin and Martin as they head back to their masters studies at Duke.  

We miss you both something terrible.     Austin, You brighten up our days and replenish our souls, as only family can. 

Safe travels. Counting the days until Thanksgiving and you both return to BrightWood.  Love Love Love you,

Mom Dad Forrest and Toliver too! 

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  1. The "good old days" indeed. We loved hearing about your week. Keep the posts and photos coming. 10,000 steps-Wow! After so many scary moments in the past few years it is wonderful and inspiring to see such amazing progress, miracle-man!!!! Lots of love,

    Jim and Gail