Saturday, January 30, 2016

Moving Forward

Five years out and you are still pushing the boundaries and moving forward.  

With Tami and Toliver at your side you are taking an on campus NOVA community college course on public speaking.  And you got 100% on your first assigned in class speech!  YAYY! While you are a natural on stage, this course demands a lot of focus, memory work, and discipline.  You are definitely up for the challenge! 

Class was canceled all week due to Snowzilla Jonas.  Which called for some shoveling & playtime in the snow:

We enjoyed being snowed in the first few days, but we sure did miss Austin (and Martin too)! Sharon Hallman took this beautiful photo a few weeks ago when Austin and Martin were home and we could still see grass! 

Once our roads were cleared you were back at Quest Global Management, where you work two hours a week under JP's amazing mentorship.  You're learning critical life and work skills in the marketing department, and having a blast interfacing with the team at QGM. 

A Place To Be continues to be a source of great inspiration, friendship, and community.   Last night you were able to attend Abby and Alice's fabulous recital with Gio and Shayna. 

After all the enormous hurdles you have overcome with endless grit and determination, it's wonderfully surreal knowing you are going to college, working at a job, and having a night out with friends. 

You teach  me something almost every day Champ.  Today I'm reminded,  "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars." N.V. Peale

Counting our blessings every day,
Mum & Team 44


  1. Love this post and all the pictures! Congrats Forrest on your marketing job and your schooling. xoxo

  2. Love this glad for these milestones. And that snow...WOW!