Sunday, February 21, 2016

Answered Prayers

We made it to Emmanuel Church this morning to give thanks for our many blessings. You and Austin were baptized at Emmanuel.   I remember like yesterday your godmother, Karen, knowing your mischievous ways whispering "sprinkle a little extra holy water on this one". Perhaps Father Mark heard.  You've surely had Angels beside you every step of your journey.  Just yesterday you confided in me that,  "Someone way up there has my back." 

And with His guidance, your determination, and the support of many earthly Angels, you continue to make miraculous progress. 

We spent all day Friday at Johns Hopkins for your three month post-op CT and check ups.  First came your CT with Toliver keeping watch. 

Then you strode all the way from the out patient clinic across the main hospital campus into the Rubenstein building to see Dr Kumar.  A trek that would've been impossible only a few months ago.  

Dr. Kumar was thrilled to see your smiling face, healthy scalp, and your remarkable CT images.  Comparing them on his monitor to earlier CT results he declared Friday's images is to be "your best CT ever"!  He himself was amazed to point out that more normal gyri can be visualized now in the frontal lobes of your healing brain!  

While you have made extraordinary progress, Dr. Kumar believes that for you to reach your best long term recovery,  he must complete the reconstruction of your skull.   But he wants you to have a full year without any surgery...,After 25 surgeries in the last five years that sounds pretty good to us.  His plan is to use more of your own ribs to complete the reconstruction next November....We'll think about that later.  In the meantime, he did clear you to fly to Hawaii for our long overdue family vacation there in May!  With that news, you stood up and saluted Dr. Kumar which made him laugh out loud!  

From Dr Kumar's office we journeyed back the way we had come to see Dr Fruend in neurology.  The last time Dr. Fruend saw you, you were hospitalized for a month with multiple complications including concerns about your seizure medication.  While we waited for your name to be called we got the following amazing text from Del:

We were both still stoked by Del's message when your name was called.  Dr Freund was astounded to see you march into his exam room full of energy, laughter and good health.  He proceeded to give you a very thorough neurological exam and was amazed by how much stronger your left side was and how much your reflexes had improved. 

We reminded Dr Freund that the first time you came to the JH neurology clinic to see Dr. Rigamonti we brought you on a gurney. You were unable to speak or sit up unassisted. But Dr. Rigamonti believed in you and told you that you would speak and walk again.  Looking right into your eyes, he asked you if you believed him and you raised one finger for yes.  I wish Dr. Rigamonti had been there to see you on Friday!  Too often doctors will tell you, "Don't get your hopes up."  We don't stay with those doctors very long.  I's crucial to find great doctors who have faith, optimism  and believe in miracles too.   Dr Freund's recommendation: "Don't change a thing keep doing what you're doing!"

He can count on that!   And we'll keep pushing the envelope trying new things too.  Who knows what lies ahead...  As long as we keep our faith, your determination, and give thanks everyday for your Earthly Angels.....anything is still possible. 

With a joyful, grateful, and determined heart,



  1. So much good news. Wow. The great chapters in this book just keep happening. Love it. This "book" is going to have several volumes!

  2. Forrest, as far as I can tell, this MIRACLE is due to a "perfect storm" of related factors;
    YOU--your spirit, determination, good nature, and tenacity;
    Despite being told that it was impossible, your PARENTS absolute belief that you would walk, talk, laugh, sing, comprehend, and way beyond;
    AUSTIN, for his relentless support
    your amazing DOCTORS, NURSES and SUPPORT STAFF
    your many old and new FRIENDS
    and I'm sure many more
    A whole year without surgery-how lucky can you get?
    I'm looking forward to the book!! It must be written!
    Love, Gail

    1. I wholeheartedly agree about the book needing to be written! It is an amazing story that must be shared!