Monday, March 21, 2016

Boston Marathon with Charlotte!

Darlin Forrest,  I don't know how a month has flown by so fast since our last blog update?!?

There's lots to catch up on, but the most urgent news today is that Charlotte Davis is running in the Boston Marathon again this year in your honor!  And you are flying to Boston to be there at the finish line to cheer for her in person!!!  This message is urgent because Charlotte is running for both the Boston Medical Center (BMC) and, in your honor, A Place To Be! And any donations made today are doubled for BMC and APTB!

We are eternally grateful for Charlotte's enduring friendship and faith in Forrest and for the Davis' generosity in supporting APTB.   PLEASE join Forrest in showing Charlotte how much we appreciate her extraordinarily courageous efforts. 

Charlotte and Cardboard 44 at last years' Boston Marathon

The Davis family is also creating a unique Team 44 / Boston Marathon baseball cap for donors. I just saw a picture and its terrific with the Boston Marathon logo on the front and Team 44 on the back! 

 Thumbs UP for Charlotte!

In preparation for our trip to Boston, Forrest & Toliver are taking advantage of the fabulous spring weather to enhance their endurance!

You gave all of us, including Toliver, a scare earlier in the month. With acute onset of extreme abdominal pain and vomiting, we feared you were heading for an appendectomy!  After spending all night at Landsdowne Hospital ER, you successfully passed a kidney stone instead. Ouch! 

Toliver was relieved to get back to mentoring Austin's CCI puppy in training, Martin. 

Which included showing Martin how to successfully enjoy his first full feature movie at the theater! 

It was so fun seeing Tori's new digs in Fairfax. And you and Toliver enjoyed dinner at the Red Fox Inn with Keith and his lovely Dutch girlfriend, Daphne.

It is incredibly fantastic to see you and Toliver able to go out and enjoy time with your amazing friends....on your own. Really it's a mother's dream come true. 

God bless you and your faithful friends with joy, peace, love, and laughter.

With a grateful heart,

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  1. Go Charolette! I was thrilled to donate to such worthy organizations.!!

    Team 44 enjoy the trip to Boston, I have never been there- I am sure it will fantastic!
    Love Aunt Tricia