Monday, December 19, 2011

Update: Monday, 12/19/11

Forrest is coming home. If all the last pieces come together… this Wednesday. He'll be coming home for 4-8 weeks until his next and last surgery in DC. It may not be the situation we were all hoping for but it will be home for Christmas. Mom is juggling the medications he is getting and the capable NRH staff, Docs and nurses are helping us get organized. Rae has organized a Forrestmobile to move 44 and his wheel chair around. Rae is working on the nursing and PT Staff to help us at home.

We are urgently looking for LPNs (licensed practical nurses) or RNs (registered nurses) to help us for the next 4-6 weeks while Forrest is at home. They need to be happy positive individuals, have experience, reliable transportation and ideally live not too far from The Plains. (Apparently we are considered to be too "rural" for most nurses!) Valerie Lee has graciously offered to be the point person for us, so please email her at if you have a lead for us!

Austin and Maylin are working feverishly to put things together for the move. There is a lot of work to be done to move Team 44 from DC to Brightwood. Austin will still be working on his consulting job at the National Zoo Seal and Sea Lion construction project and will be spending half the week or as much time as possible with Forrest at the farm. Maylin will continue to do all things for Team 44, she will now be doing most of it at Brightwood until we move back to DC for the surgery for a while.

Jimmy Emmett and crew have been working tirelessly to ready the Man Cave for Forrest. Jimmy is downstairs painting as I write to make sure things are ready for our boy. It is very impressive and we will make sure we post some pictures as soon as the long awaited Forrest arrives.

Dad and the crew at VEI have been working on making sure we have all of the tools we need to take care of Forrest. His new electric bed has arrived at Brightwood and is the Ferrari of beds, way cool!

Forrest is trying so hard is and making slow but steady progress. We are excited to have him coming home and think it will do wonders for his spirit which continues fighting to soar no matter what obstacles are thrown at him. Forrest this year has faced more struggles and challenges than any twenty of us have in most of our lives. He has never given up even though he wakes up every morning to pain and the knowledge of what he has lost and how far he has to go to try to get back to where he was at any point this year. We thank all of you for staying with him and us through this struggle to have our boy back. So, Home for the Holidays, we can’t wait to have both our boys and our family back to Brightwood.

Dad and Team 44

Gio and Shayna drove to Brightwood to decorate our tree and Forrest's mancave with Caroline before coming to visit Forrest

Sundance must have said something funny

Forrest raising his arm for a thumbs up with Peyton and Sarah!


  1. So very happy for this news....wonderful for sure!

  2. Grandma Norma AllenDecember 20, 2011 at 1:43 AM

    Go Forrest Go!! That's wonderful you have plans to go home on Wednesday!! Super. Take care my sweet Forrest. Love you Grandmma Norma Allen

  3. Prayers continue to be answered! Thank you Lord! Prayers will continue to be lifted for a safe and uneventful,long awaited trip home! ...and continued healing. What a Merry Christmas this will be!

  4. How exciting! Nothing better than sleeping in your own room. Well done Forrest. I'm so happy you are going home!

    Christie Jones

  5. Great post and wonderful news! So glad. How happy Forrest will be to be in familiar and comfortable surroundings rather than a hospital room. A beautiful tree, wonderful space, smiling friends, and all of you together at home - how could it do anything but help speed along the recovery process? A Merry Christmas for sure. We send oodles of love and hope. Go Forrest! Go Team 44 - and big hugs to each of you, The Shermans

  6. What a blessing this is for all of you!

  7. We're so happy to hear that you are going home, Forrest. Our prayers go with you and your wonderful team. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

    Love and Prayers,

    Joyce and Wilbur

  8. I totally agree with the Shermans. This can only bring positive karma for Forrest after one year in the hospital. The familiar surroundings, the smells of home, can only bring joy to his heart. I can only imagine Rae how nerve wracking this move is for you. If I can do anything, please reach out. Merry Christmas and prayers for a fabulous 2012! Much love, Barbara and the gang from Rabbit Hill XXOO

  9. We're so excited for all of you! It will be so wonderful for you to be together at home.
    Best wishes, energy, and prayers....all coming your way.
    Pat & Packard

  10. This is so wonderful to hear. Home is always the best place to heal. I know that having all the family together at Brightwood will raise every ones spirit and the new year will strengthen your resolve. Merry Christmas to all of Team $$ and all of the followers near and far.
    Paula Horne