Thursday, December 22, 2011

Update: Thursday, 12/22/11

What a day. That was by far the most complicated, yet also the most rewarding, move we've done. Our fearless leader best-Mom-in-the-world is seen below after riding the ambulance with him from the hospital. Maylin and Mom did a fantastic job breaking down his room at NRH that we basically spent 6 months seeing how many items and how much "stuff" we could cram in there.

It's safe to say we definitely miss the amazing support crew back at NRH that have been an integral part of Team 44, and will again when we go back after his last surgery. The amazing team of doctors, case managers, nurses, therapists, and others at NRH were fantastic and we miss their camaraderie as much as their help. We are painstakingly and sometimes humorously re-inventing our daily care routines that we had so well polished. Those definitely remain a work in progress for now.

But Forrest is holding strong as always. He gave a deep and knowing smile this morning that grew as Maylin told a story of things she saw in the parking garage. He's very much still "in there" and comprehending much more than he can express for now. He loved seeing his friends that welcomed him home and he can't wait to see more friends and supporters in the days to come. It's important for him not to be overstimulated, these next few days of adjustment will be tough and he needs to get some well deserved rest. Please feel free to call or text me (540-729-2620) and I will let you know when is a good time or not. Both Forrest and ourselves can't wait to see everyone, we just have to make sure Forrest isn't overloaded.

All the best from MIDDLEBURG!

Forrest catching up on a long overdue healthy dose of Brightwood Farm sights, sounds and smells. Arriving at the house.

A few friends welcoming their buddy home


  1. 😃good news! Whish all of you merry Christmas
    With the whole family and Forrest at home!😏

  2. HOORAY! Welcome back, all of you amazing people!

  3. GOD IS GOOD!!! Welcome Home Forrest!!! Can't imagine what must be going through your mind now that your home! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Team Forrest and a healthy and wonderful HAPPY 2012!!!

  4. Best Christmas present EVER! Welcome home Forrest!

  5. So glad you're all home and together. Can't wait to be with you at the farm...

    Lee & Lisa

  6. Hooray! Breathing a sigh of relief and sending thoughts of strength and healing to all of you. Merry Christmas!

  7. How wonderful!!! Hope you all have an amazing Christmas at home together!!!! YAY!

  8. YIPPPEEE. We have been holding our breathe since We heard you were headed home with Forrest. What an amazing journey you have all been through.
    Rae, sister of mine, you are so strong and determined and so steady in your optimism. I have been with you every step, sometimes there holding your hand, and sometimes here just listening on the phone to the next 12 hour plan. What I found is that I din't really help carry you through, you carried the rest of us through this. Every great team is lead by a great coach, inspires others, pushes for greatness, gathers the team and keeps everyone going through the worst conditions. You are amazing, Team 44 is incredible, and all of your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers who have witnesses this test of endurance over the last 11 months are breathing again.

    love Tricia

  9. Welcome home Forrest!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    xx Melinda