Monday, December 26, 2011

Update; Monday, 12/26/11

Thank you all for making our homecoming so magical. There are innumerable people who made this Christmas possible for Forrest and his Team. We can't possibly name everyone who has given their time, love, and talents to get us home. But we have to mention a few of our special Christmas angels and elves: Jimmy Emmet who created Forrest's new Haven (The Man Cave!) Maylin and Whitney who meticulously stocked and organized the Man Cave, Tom Sweitzer for organizing the Christmas Carolers (more than 40 Carolers raised their voices here in celebration).

Marsha Woolman's homemade cookies & Robyn's spiked apple cider added to the flavor of the day. There was love and merriment in the air: Peyton Coles taking the lead in their family carol, Sundance jumping on a chair to take center stage for the group picture, Nick Weeden forgetting the words to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Forrest SMILING at Matt Morency's antics...all in all... a great day thanks to you guys!

We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family to support Forrest. Whether you were able to make it out to the farm in person or were here in spirit, Forrest had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to a new year of progress. He even raised his arms on his own today!

Thanks to everyone who was able to share Christmas Day at BrightWood!

Forrest loved all the groups of carolers singing in his Man Cave.

Standing tall on Christmas Day with the Lees!

Brothers home together and enjoying the end of Christmas Day by the fire.


  1. Wow. That was pure joy. To see Forrest home, his beautiful room, his friends and family and being privilaged to see Austin and Forrest sitting by the fire pit together. Never underestimate the power of that Allan/Stone family. Our warmest holiday wishes.

    The Laughlin Family

  2. Forrest's homecoming is a Christmas gift for all of us. So happy you're all together at your lovely home.

  3. That was just a wonderful special feeling even here, clear across the country. I was glad to read of Forrest's smiling and raising his arms. The standing picture was nice too. And the picture of he and Austin by the fire pit defies words....thanks for sharing and we only wish we were physically closer. Connected by love across the miles.....

  4. So glad to read about these special times that have happened there at the farm. I look forward to many more. Keep up your brave work Forrest. Your parents and your brother are doing such a good job too. I love the man cave and the fire pit. Sure wish I could have been there singing along. I am here in Colorado with Lynn and family and we are all thinking of you. Love you lots! Grandma Norma

  5. We kept our germs at home, but thought we might be able to open the door and hear the singing- the Whos of Whoville! I guess the wind was blowing the wrong way, but we were singing in our hearts right along with you! So glad to know you are home at Brightwood, dear Forrest. We know 2012 will be an awesome year for you!

  6. Glad to hear that all is going well at home. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. You are truly an amazing family.

    All the best.

    Carla and the staff at NRH.

  7. Forrest, I'm so glad that you got to spend Christmas day at home. It looks like you had a wonderful day, according to the pictures. It also sounds like there was lots of merriment and laughter. How wonderful!

    Love and Prayers to you all,

    Joyce and Wilbur in Missouri

  8. I am so happy for you all to have Forrest home! I know being home will give him such a boost of energy and spirit...and strengthen his recovery!
    I wish you all a very Happy Year filled with successes for Forrest, health and lots of love! What a special family you are!!!
    Patti Brantley

  9. This post made me really happy and put a smile on my face,thank you for sharing this with all of us here and I wish this year to be the best year of all for you.Do keep us posted with more and i am looking forward.