Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Team Forrest Position

As most of you know, Maylin has been an integral part of Forrest's core team for the past year. Maylin has helped Forrest overcome unimaginable hurdles on his way to recovery. Maylin now has a wonderful opportunity to pursue her personal goals in education and will be returning home in May. We will sorely miss Maylin, but we know that she has made a connection withour family that will last a lifetime. We are now faced with the challenge of finding someone to carry on her important work with Forrest.

In order to find the best fit for this special position we are casting a wide net! Ideally we would like to fill this position through our network of friends and supporters. Please feel free to share Forrest's story and the following job description.

With love and gratitude,
Team Forrest


Team Forrest Position

Job Description: Looking for a full time member for Team Forrest. An exciting opportunity to help make a difference in Forrest Allen's recovery from a traumatic brain injury. The Plains, VA. Housing available. Non-Smoking work place. Salary commensurate with experience. Flexible hours.

Desired Attributes: Flexible, organized, positive and upbeat, creative, comfortable with technology (ipads, facebook, etc.) Prefer college graduate with experience or an interest in special education.

Duties: Collaborate with family and therapists in creating and implementing activities to help strengthen Forrest’s cognitive skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Assist Forrest in practicing speech, occupational, physical, music and other therapy in order to reach goals set by his therapy team. Being positive and encouraging around Forrest, helping to elevate his spirits. Coordinating Forrest's visitor schedule. Helping with inventory, shopping, and preparing his organic "smoothie" diet. At times, running errands and assisting family and staff in day-to-day rehabilitation operations. Forrest has 24/7 Private Duty Nursing care. However, all Team 44 Members pitch in to help with his daily care. For more information about Forrest's journey see: Forreststoneallen.blogspot.com. Interested individuals should email a cover letter and their resume to Austin at astoneallen@gmail.com


  1. Maylin, I just want to say its been amazing to watch the amazing bond you've developed with Forrest over the last year. From going from Forrest been wide-eyed and surprised, waking up to see this random girl reading to him while he slept, to trusting you unwaveringly to be his advocate during difficult times, and working hard to play tic tac toe with you during lighter times. Your light-hearted humor makes every day on Team 44 easier and more fun. Thank you so much for being the amazing person you are, we can't wait to see you progress in your teaching career, as long as you promise to come see Forrest and throw a frisbee with him as he runs on the Brightwood terrace next summer.


  2. Maylin...what a GREAT job you have done. I have heard from the family how well you have adapted to whatever needed done. You were that person who was in the background but really making so many things happen. And most importantly, I have heard about your positive spirit that you brought with you to each situation. I am sooooo sorry to hear you will be leaving, but I know you will spread your talents in other places also. Teaching is such an opportunity to help others---just like you have done with Forrest and his family this last year. You were a real blessing. I am so sorry we didn't get to meet in person--maybe someday. Life offered a challenge and you stepped in and took it and were the perfect match. Good luck to you and many thanks. Aunt Lynn