Monday, April 9, 2012

Update: Monday, 4/9/12

A little more than a week at NRH. It's been a big week for Team Forrest, thank you for being patient. Forrest has been getting stronger since his surgery. Great therapy sessions, upbeat visits from friends, and time spent out of bed have done wonders for his mood and spirit. He smiles, as usual, at subtle humor as well as slapstick movies. Sometimes we create pillow fights in his room and he smiles knowingly. For those detail oriented folks, here's some of the highlights of the last week: The 40 staples from the surgery came out, he's reached 143lbs on his homemade "smoothies!!, we took him outside briefly in his wheelchair, he underwent a Cat Scan that showed the surgery went well, his "shunt" pressure was dialed down, and he tried to give a fist bump to Gio and myself!

Forrest had some excellent visitors! Gio and Shayna, Sarah WB, and the Selfes, all came to spend time with Forrest and cheer him on. Thank you so much for all your support, big and small, it helps us every day. And I've said it before, I just want to say it again, thank you for the videos to Forrest on facebook, many times they elicit the best smiles of the day.

Our hope is that Forrest will be medically stable and able to come home to Brightwood by the end of the month to continue his recovery at home.

All the best from Team 44,

Forrest chilling with his friends. He is able to relax with Sarah, Shayna, and Gio by his side.

Forrest smiling at Pops and Gio as they spar with each other during a pillow fight.

Forrest's struggle to regain control of his hands is rewarded with a fist bump from Gio.


  1. Wow -- sounds like wonderful progress and that weight gain is great!

    Blessings to you all, Kathy

  2. Hurray, hurray, hurray~ love you guys and can't wait 'till you're home again!! xo

  3. Such great news! Thanks so much for the update. We are so thrilled to hear the progress that Forrest is making. Keep up the great work Forrest! We are routing for you to make your way home healthier and stronger than ever! Love and great big hugs to all of you!

    Love, The Rafferty Family

  4. Hey Forrest! Wow - that 143 pounds sounds good!I enjoyed watching your Dad in the pillow fight, and AT the hospital?! :)I have seen that at your farm, but it was usually between you and Austin.:)As a rule Mom was referree.:). So glad you get to go outdoors some. That's great. I love your 'staying' power Forrest and how you are getting so much better. Hang tight. Love you, Gramma Norma

  5. Great News-Onward and upward!

    Stay strong.

    Much love, Jim and Gail

  6. LOVE SEEING THESE AWESOME PHOTOS! Forrest, you have the best friends. The best brother. The best parents. But, you already know this. :)

    It's so great to see Forrest smiling, lifting his hands, engaging with all of you. And to think that he is only a month out from surgery. (Even?!) So much incredible progress. I am so grateful.

    I cannot believe how much weight you are keeping on Forrest....that is stunning. Way to go. This will give him such strength as he works hard to retrain all those muscles on his tall, tall body!

    What a thrill to read that you plan to get Forrest back home by the end of April. I pray that all continues smoothly so that you can achieve this wonderful goal. Our country air, sunshine, and all the wonderful sights and smells of home will be a balm for all of you.

    Please God let this be the beginning of the End of Hospitals! Until Forrest is an old man with gall bladder issues. :)

    So much love to all of you....and continued prayer that Forrest, and his beloved team are regularly rewarded with signs of continued progress.

    With a grateful heart,
    Shannon and the Davis crew xoxo

  7. Cant wait to see you soon 44!! I live in Ohio now so its a little farther. However, Ill be back soon!! Love and miss everyone on Team 44!!

  8. Hey Team Forrest! So glad to read about this progress!! I came and visited over the summer with Sarah Barden, and your whole family was just wonderful. Such a warm feeling stepping into your home. Forrest is in great hands. :) I am starting an interior design blog ( ) and I would love to make an entry about your beautiful home! I took a few pictures while I was there, but I just wanted to see if it is alright with you first if I shared a little about Forrest's story and posted the pictures. Thanks so much! Give Forrest a fist bump for me :) (You can write back at