Monday, June 25, 2012

Picture of the Day - 6/25/12

Shayna and Gio come from Pennsylvania and through their enthusiastic belief in Forrest, recharge his batteries and help him prepare for his trip back to National Rehabilitation Hospital. Forrest will spend three days at NRH this week for reevaluation, CAT Scans, and possible readjustment of his shunt.


  1. Forrest
    I see that grin. I see it. You are looking so great. I loved that photo a few days back when they were trying to measure your height and Austin had a level perched on your head- that brother of yours is a wanna be Engineer. and what a wonderful post from Sarah. So insightful and descriptive. I remember those fist bumps and I will be there in less than two weeks to get some fist bumps too!. I can't wait to see you and the rest of Team 44.
    love Aunt Tricia

  2. Forrest, I'm taking a moment to catch up on your blog with a second cup of coffee and a flurry of AWESOME posts greet me!

    And make me SMILE. Your smile makes me smile. The smiles of your awesome friends, Shayna and Gio, your therapist Sarah (and her incredible post), your beautiful mama, but most of all, Forrest, YOUR smile is what jumps off the screen.

    I love hearing about all your progress. Your fist bumps, your hugs, your vocalizing, but it's that smile of yours - with TEETH! - as you hug your awesome Mum that warms my heart and well, heck, I'm grinning while I type this message.

    I will pray for a speedy, successful and productive trip into NRH this week.

    Right now, I'm so grateful to your friends for their continued devotion to you, I'm thankful for your incredible team (Tami sounds like a dynamo!) and I'm grateful and inspired by your precious parents and superman brother.

    I'm heading out the door to hop on my horse and I'm wearing my Team Forrest hat. See, there are a lot of us....we have you on our hearts and minds each day, dear boy. And we rejoice at every single step forward that you are making in your recovery.

    We love you dearly,
    Shannon, Jim and girls 3 :)

    "A smile is the light in your window that tells others there is a caring, sharing person inside."
    Denis Waitley

  3. Thanks for such a beautiful post Shannon!! It's great to know so many great Team Forrest members have his back! You grinning about Forrest grinning makes me grin. And Aunt Tricia, looking forward to seeing you soon!