Friday, June 22, 2012

Update - 6/22/12

Today's entry comes courtesy of guest blogger, Sarah, Forrest's Superstar OT from NRH, that recently visited.

Hi 44,
So it has been almost a week since I was out at "Brightwood Rehab". I am just sitting here thinking about how amazing your team 44 is and most of all, how YOU continue to amaze me! I was greeted by your lopsided grin and your two arms opening up to give me a hug as I came up to say hello - something that you were unable to do just a month an a half ago when I saw you last. I also can not tell you how good it was to see you giving out "fist bumps" to everyone pretty much every time you were asked for one. (I remember you working so hard to give me one back in the winter-limited by tone and a number of other things, and now it is almost an automatic, fluid movement again!) These little gestures not only warm our hearts but I know help to keep you connected with your family and friends that surround you every day and are helping you through this process. And what a team! I must take a moment to say what an amazing place "Brightwood Rehab" is- it really is a rehabilitation center fully running & functioning down in your "Man Cave"- not only with all the equipment (including a very fancy bed I must say!;) but the organization, thoughtfulness and professionalism of a "real" facility. Daily therapy, meds and relax/recreation schedules are set, and even when the schedule is thrown off course-which happens- everyone adjusts, works together and just "rides the wave" without a beat - headed of course, by your amazing #1 fan, aka SuperMom.
Every day is a struggle for you Forrest, I know - and I saw that realization on your face a couple times this past week. I can not even begin to imagine how you are feeling inside sometimes but I know that you know that you have an incredible support system and your own personal "44" drive that will get you through and each day a little closer to doing more and more for yourself. You really are my *superstar* patient. It was great to see you use your arms AND fingers to reach out for your toothbrush, deodorant, tee shirt & even the scratch your own head-Jeez!  The things we take for granted. The other highlight of my stay was watching a video of you giving a presentation on "Dragons". It was great to hear your loud and deep voice on the video and then again to hear you vocalizing in music and speech therapy on command the next day! One step at a time. You see Forrest, although I have never heard that strong voice before or have heard you tell a joke like in you did in the video, I still know you. You are still YOU. You still make people laugh, know how to have a good time and have a positive energy about you that radiates to affect so many people's lives. Just look around you.

I want you to keep up the hard work and remember, you still owe me that dance!!

Sarah, your forever fond OT


  1. Beautiful....thanks for sharing those special and amazing things Sarah. Each day wonderful things are happening. So thankful!

  2. Oh! My goodness Forrest! You are just pushing on and being able to do so many more things you could not do when I was there only a month ago. I am so thrilled and proud of you and your team 44. Blog messages this week have certainly brightened up our days. This is so good! Thank you and God Bless!
    Love all you guys - Grandmom

  3. What a great blog, Sarah. Forrest, it sounds like you are just making great progress every day. God is truly there, watching over you and your team! Keep up the good work!

    Love and Prayers,


  4. And, Forrest, you gather great friends and team mates like Sarah along your journey, because you have that magnetic personality that everyone adores! How wonderful that she could come out and see your progress, and write such a great blog for all of us to read. Keep up the amazing work, champ!

    love from the Elgins